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2018 NFL Draft Accuracy Competition (Apply Today!)
By Clinton Ho on April, 12th 2018

For the first time ever, we’ll be tracking the accuracy of NFL mock drafts around the industry to find out who makes the most accurate predictions. For all of you NFL Draft gurus out there, we’re making it incredibly easy … read more »

Most Accurate Fantasy Baseball Experts
By FantasyPros Staff on March, 8th 2018

We are far enough into Spring Training that Jason Kipnis has already knocked six homers. That means drafts are quickly approaching and you are cramming in as much preparation as possible so you can ace your draft. Here at FantasyPros, … read more »

2017’s Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts
By FantasyPros Staff on December, 28th 2017

As if you couldn’t have predicted it, Sean Koerner (STATS) pulled off the three-peat this year. He has now been in the accuracy competition five years and finished top ten each time including placing #1 each of the past three … read more »

Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts (After 12 Weeks)
By FantasyPros Staff on November, 29th 2017

The last time we wrote about the most accurate expert standings, Alex Smith and Deshaun Watson were MVP candidates and Kareem Hunt was light years ahead of Alvin Kamara as the top fantasy rookie. As you can see, things have … read more »

Most Accurate Fantasy Football Experts (Mid-Season)
By FantasyPros Staff on November, 1st 2017

This season has been filled with surprises, as we’ve grown accustomed to with fantasy football. Just to remind you of how difficult it is to predict fantasy football, just consider that the top three fantasy quarterbacks so far have been … read more »

3 Bargain WRs in Standard Leagues (Fantasy Football)
By David McDougald on August, 29th 2017

In standard scoring leagues, players with high touchdown projections and more specifically high-end running backs dominate the early rounds of drafts. I’ve identified three wide receiver targets that are currently going in the middle range of drafts to add to … read more »

2016 Most Accurate Fantasy Football Draft Rankings
By Bobby Sylvester on July, 21st 2017

Welcome back to fantasy football season! You’ve got your draft date circled on the calendar and are eagerly waiting along with the rest of us. In the meantime we are, as always, offering tools that will help you get that … read more »

Should We Fear These TD Dependent WRs? (Fantasy Football)
By David McDougald on July, 3rd 2017

Recently, FantasyPros reached out to me via Twitter in regards to visualizations I created using FantasyPros 2017 positional projections. In one of my posts, I posed the question, “Should we fear TD dependent receivers?” This article will dissect that question … read more »

The Most Accurate Fantasy Baseball Projections
By Bobby Sylvester on March, 30th 2017

Last month, we released our most accurate expert rankings for the 2016 season. While everyone values a good set of rankings, it is also important to know the accuracy of projection systems. After all, plenty of us play in odd … read more »

Most Accurate Fantasy Baseball Experts
By Bobby Sylvester on March, 9th 2017

Spring Training and the 2017 World Baseball Classic are both underway, so that means you’re prepping for your fantasy baseball drafts. Here at FantasyPros, our endeavor is to eliminate the “work” that comes with getting ready for draft day. Whether it’s … read more »