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2021 NFL Draft Profile: QB Kellen Mond

by Kyle Yates | @KyleYNFL | Featured Writer
Apr 22, 2021

Kellen Mond is an intriguing under-the-radar prospect under center.

Throughout NFL history, we’ve seen QBs come from out of nowhere to be key NFL contributors. Whether it was Tom Brady at pick No. 199 or Dak Prescott at pick No. 135, NFL teams can find starting QBs at any point during the NFL Draft. Picking one in the top-five picks doesn’t guarantee that you have a franchise player at the most important position in sports.

While there’s a lot of coverage on the top-four QBs in this 2021 NFL Draft, Kellen Mond is flying under the radar. A four-year starter in the SEC, Mond put together some strong performances throughout his CFB career. He improved steadily throughout his 46 career games, and he has the chance to make an impact in the NFL when he gets his opportunity.

Will he be viewed as an NFL starter? Or will he have to wait his turn to get a chance to make his mark at the next level?

These questions are answered here in our scouting profile on Kellen Mond.

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QB Kellen Mond, Texas A&M

Vital Statistics

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 211 lbs.
Arms: 33 1/2
: 9 3/8
40-Yard Dash
: 4.59

College Stats

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Skills Legend

80+ Generational Talent
79 Top-10 Skill
78 First-Round Skill
77 Second-Round Skill
76 Third-Round Skill
75 Fourth-Round Skill
74 Fifth-Round Skill
73 Sixth-Round Skill
72 Seventh-Round Skill
71- UDFA


Skills Chart


Skills Breakdown (out of 100)

Accuracy (73): Mond is an accurate QB in the short to intermediate areas of the field and thrives on driving the ball into his receivers in tight windows. Often hits his receivers in between the numbers and/or in stride.

Decision-Making (73): Shows questionable decision-making from time to time. Takes care of the football for the most part, but will occasionally try forcing the ball into double coverage underneath.

Mental Processing (75): Shows a good capacity for progressing through his reads and then has the required arm strength to drive it to that player. Doesn’t snap his head around or constantly reset his feet as he’s bouncing through his progressions, but does show the ability to quickly go through his progressions and get to the third — or sometimes fourth — read.

Arm Strength (77): The ball pops out of his hand. Loves to stripe it in at every level of the field. The ball has some heat as it hits his receivers in stride on slants, etc., which is a good sign that he’ll be able to send it sideline to sideline in the NFL. However, he lacks refinement when sending it deep downfield. Throws a bullet even deep and needs to develop touch on his throws downfield.

Pocket Presence (74): Solid pocket presence and is willing to stand in and deliver the ball, even in the face of pressure. Very few examples of him navigating and stepping up through the pocket though.

Mechanics (76): Funky throwing motion. Has his secondary arm up all the time, but the ball comes out clean consistently, so it’s hard to dock him for it. When he’s throwing from a solid platform, his accuracy is outstanding and the ball pops out of his hands. When he’s pressured or unable to step up completely, the throws wobble quite a bit. This is to be expected, but when he is given time, he’s throwing with beautiful mechanics consistently. Good throwing ability on the run as well.

Improvisation (73): He has solid improvisation skills and the athleticism to extend plays. Will to tuck the ball and pick up additional yardage with his legs if the throw isn’t there. Would prefer to see additional examples of keeping his eyes up when breaking the pocket to see if something else opens up though. Tends to drop his head and commit solely to running. Not a huge issue, but something that can add an additional layer to his dual-threat capabilities.

Poise (73): Good poise and willingness to stand in under pressure. Doesn’t shy away and will often wait until the last possible second before releasing the ball, even if it means taking a shot.

Athleticism (76): Good athlete and has enough athleticism and speed that A&M used him on QB Powers occasionally. He won’t be used as a runner frequently in the NFL, but he does have the ability to get out and create on the run if he’s forced to. Overall, Mond’s an intriguing developmental prospect who still needs refinement, especially in the deep passing game. He should be able to step in as a solid backup QB right away and potentially take over a starting role down the road.

Video Evaluation

They Said It

From Kyle Yates: "Overall, Mond's an intriguing developmental prospect that still needs refinement, especially in the deep passing game. He should be able to step in as a solid backup QB right away and potentially take over a starting role down the road."From The NFL Draft Bible: "Mond will ultimately be coined as a

Projected Draft Range

There’s significant buzz that Mond could come off the board in the second or third round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Ideal Fantasy Landing Spot

The Chicago Bears have a desperate need at QB, but they might be out of reach for one of the top options at pick No. 20 overall. If Mond is still on the board in the second round, which he most likely will be, the Bears should think strongly about bringing him into their building. He’d have the chance to compete for that starting job with Andy Dalton.

Fantasy Comparison

When you watch them play, Colin Kaepernick is the immediate comparison. They both have similar frames, they both hold the ball a similar way and have similar throwing motions. Kaepernick was a bit more mobile than Mond and relied on his athleticism a bit more, but the similarities are noticeable.

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