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2021 NFL Draft Profile: QB Kyle Trask

2021 NFL Draft Profile: QB Kyle Trask

Over the course of the past few years, we’ve seen the “requirements” for QBs change in the NFL. Teams are now valuing arm strength, mobility, and improvisation more than ever before. Whereas, in previous seasons, accuracy, decision-making, and poise were the makings of a good NFL QB.

If Kyle Trask had come out of college in 2011, he very well might have been in the conversation for the top-5 of that draft. Unfortunately, teams are changing what they desire at the position, and Trask is now a bit on the outside looking in. He’s a big, physical presence at QB and has the size to withstand the hits that will come at the NFL level. He throws with great touch, anticipation, and accuracy, but he doesn’t have the other requisites for the position that the NFL seems to covet nowadays.

Will this matter for his fantasy football outlook? If he gets drafted to a team that’s willing to give him the starting job, can he be effective for fantasy football?

These questions are answered here in our scouting profile on Kyle Trask:

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Kyle Trask (QB – Florida)

Vital Statistics

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 236 lbs.
Arms: 33
: 10 1/8
40-Yard Dash
: 5.10
Vertical Jump: 32
Broad Jump: 101
Short Shuttle: 4.60
3-Cone Drill: 7.08

College Stats

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Skills Legend

80+ Generational Talent
79 Top-10 Skill
78 First-Round Skill
77 Second-Round Skill
76 Third-Round Skill
75 Fourth-Round Skill
74 Fifth-Round Skill
73 Sixth-Round Skill
72 Seventh-Round Skill
71- UDFA


Skills Chart


Skills Breakdown (out of 100)

Accuracy (77): A big-framed QB prospect that should have NFL talent evaluators split heading into the 2021 NFL Draft. A very accurate thrower at all levels of the field and does a tremendous job of leading his receivers well.

Decision-Making (72): Good decision-making for the most part and takes care of the football. However, he tends to put his receivers in harm’s way from time to time.

Mental Processing (74): Smart between the ears. Able to quickly progress through his reads and execute an offense very well.

Arm Strength (74): His arm strength will pale compared to the other top QBs in this draft class. He seems to put everything he’s got into airing it out 45 yards downfield, and that’s just not going to cut it in the NFL.

Pocket Presence (77): Excellent at navigating the pocket and keeping his eyes downfield. Excels at evading pressure and keeping his feet underneath him in the pocket.

Mechanics (78): Solid mechanics when he’s given a clean pocket. Consistent motion every single time and keeps his feet under him and rotates through his hips.

Improvisation (72): Struggles with improvisation. Able to get out of the pocket from time to time, but his lack of overall mobility will limit him at the next level. As the defenders get faster and the windows get smaller, will he trust his arm strength to gun it in? He won’t be able to get away from defenders in the pocket to extend plays.

Poise (76): Incredible poise in the pocket. He rarely flinches under pressure and able to deliver the ball with hands around him.

Athleticism (70): Average athleticism. He moves well for his size at 240, but he’s going to have to make it as a pocket passer in the NFL. He has a solid floor but will need to be dropped into a situation where he’s surrounded by playmakers to succeed. He’s unlikely to step in and carry an offense with his skill set. He’s still learning and developing due to only starting the past two seasons, but there’s minimal upside with the traits that he possesses. Most likely a Day 2 pick.

Video Evaluation

They Said It

Quote from Mel Kiper: "He had talent around him. He had backs that could catch the ball out of the backfield...He doesn't in the way of mobility in terms of putting pressure on his offensive line."

Projected Draft Range

As of right now, it seems that Trask is destined for day 2 draft capital. Most likely, Trask will start as a backup QB that will have to work his way up a depth chart to a starting role.

Ideal Fantasy Landing Spot

Unfortunately, due to Trask’s projected draft capital, it’s most likely that he starts his NFL career as a backup QB. With that in mind, it’s hard to identify an ideal fantasy landing spot for him.

Fantasy Comparison

Ben Roethlisberger was 6’5/241 coming out of Miami (OH) and has many of the same characteristics and traits that Trask does. Big Ben went very early in his draft, and Trask is certainly unlikely to, which shows the difference in where the game is trending.

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