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The Best Awards To Make Your Fantasy Football Season Unforgettable

Jul 7, 2021

Fantasy football isn’t really about the stats, or the sport, or the haha happy fun times throughout the season. No. Fantasy football is, has been, and will always be about one thing: endlessly gloating when you crush your league-mates and win the championship.

Perhaps you’re the guy who always wins, or maybe you perpetually finish last but know this is finally your year. It really doesn’t matter. Fantasy football leagues were meant to have awards. Period. They bring out the best in fantasy veterans, drive league competition through the roof, and even make things fun for managers who are new to the game.

The question is: What’s the best award? Should you go with a perpetual trophy that gets updated every year? Maybe you want a fully customized ring for every new winner? How about a league Championship Belt that drips with swagger? The options for this prize (or prizes) are endless, but we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the Top 5 Awards to make this fantasy football season unforgettable.

If you don’t trust my advice, just see for yourself which awards you think will turn your fantasy league from lame to legendary. Check out Trophy Smack! Not only does Trophy Smack offer nearly endless customization options, but they’re also the only fantasy trophy company that offers free shipping on everything. EVERYTHING. With the production of customized products taking only 2-3 days, you can count on even your most complicated customized products being delivered to you safely, securely, and on time. Just make sure you use the Promo Code FANTASYPROS. With the purchase of any trophy or belt, you can also get a free Championship Ring, hilarious Participation Ribbons, a classic Loser Mirror, or even a pack of temporary Loser Tattoos.

Here we go! The 5 Best Fantasy Football Awards of 2021:

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#5: The Championship Ring

Bling Bling, Baby! If you’re like me, you’re not just a fantasy football fan but a fan of the NFL as well. No prize represents that feeling of being a legit champion (and allows for versatility in how and where you gloat about your victory) than a fully customized Championship Ring. A handful of bling is more than enough to solidify your fantasy GOAT status. If you’re looking for a startlingly fantastic conversation starter for your office, snag a “Design Your Own” Ring + Display Case Bundle. You can customize both your ring and the case it comes in, increasing your ability to brag and show off your fantasy prowess.

#4: Participation Ribbons (For Losers)

Hey, these are awards that will make the season unforgettable, right? Then we need to consider how to brutally rib the whole league. Who’s to say awards are just for champions? Make your league-mates burn up inside with a snazzy new Participation Ribbon (For Losers). If you’ve ever received an “Honorable Mention” in a competition, you fully understand how deliciously patronizing such an award can be. You can get a pack of 10 Participation Ribbons for just $20. Or you can get them for free, with the purchase of any trophy or belt. Just use our Promo Code FANTASYPROS. Go for the heart with a righteous level of indigence that will make all of your friends swell with fury and jealousy at you not having to receive one of these.

#3: The Perpetual Trophy

Trophy Smack is a truly fantastic company for many reasons, but I like them because of their Perpetual Trophies. These are customizable trophies that can come with topper, color, and height variations. Actually, these trophies are more customizable than you can imagine, but for purists who want something that can be passed from winner to winner, the Perpetual Trophy is perfect. My friends and I have tossed a Perpetual Trophy around for a couple of seasons now and it’s been the joy of the offseason to add a new engraved nameplate to the list of champions. It just hurts when it’s not your name added.

#2: The Fantasy Football Toilet Loser Toilet Seat

I’m not going to sugarcoat this one. Finishing in last place is awful. It stinks. It’s a big ol’ pile of yuck. However, if you want your league to feel fun for everyone, you need to get the Fantasy Football Loser Toilet Seat. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. It’s hilarious and somehow makes the act of being the worst manager in the league somehow more fun. Just look at this thing. LOOK AT IT! I love this toilet seat so much. I’m married but I’m 100% falling for this award.

#1: The Ultimate Custom 6lb Championship Belt

Trophy Smack is the only place in the world where you can get ANYTHING like this. It’s the single best fantasy championship belt (and award) you can get. It’s fully customizable. Hold up. Let me explain. It’s FULLY customizable, as in you can customize your belt to have a custom league logo, or a picture, or engraving, or anything on it. It’s a beautiful monstrosity that will be the envy of every league you’ve ever been in. And nothing makes you a champion like a championship belt. It has 12 spots for engraved league winners and makes me weep just thinking about losing mine to another champion. The best thing yet is that it’s shipped for free, as is everything you buy from Trophy Smack, but that’s especially valuable for this massive hulk of magnificence. Can you imagine buying a generic belt from somewhere else and then having to pay a heinous amount just to have it shipped? What are you waiting for? Make your league go nuts with the greatest fantasy football award ever: The Ultimate Custom 6lb Championship Belt.

I’d be wholeheartedly remiss if I didn’t mention that Trophy Smack is more than just a place to get your fantasy football awards. They have awards for all kinds of fantasy sports, and they have various draft packages. Check out their Draft Boards and Corporate Awards HERE.

Now, before you run off and use this new knowledge to make your fantasy football league awesome, just remember that Trophy Smack offers free shipping on everything, extensive customization on nearly all of their products, and they produce and ship their products so much faster than everyone else in the market. Don’t wait for months just to see your new championship award, get it now and make sure it’s exactly what you want. And get a little something extra for free. Use Promo Code FANTASYPROS to get a free Ring, Loser Ribbons, Loser Mirror or Loser Tattoos. Get it all with Trophy Smack.

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