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Sweat MNF Every Week With TopProp

by Raju Byfield | @FantasyContext | Featured Writer
Sep 13, 2021

Sunday is in the books, and the sweats have begun at TopProp Fantasy Sports. The best way to challenge your friends (or rivals) and add a new layer of competition, TopProp adds another dimension to traditional season-long fantasy leagues. Let’s take a look at our plans for Week 1. 

TopProp allows users to create bonus point based contests between two teams within your league. There is also the option to create a contest between two teams in a public or experts league. And remember to enter the referral code ‘FantasyPros’ when you sign up for a chance to win a signed Christian McCaffrey jersey.

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The Challenge

In our FantasyPros Insider league, there are some interesting contests we can create at TopProp Fantasy Sports. With Sunday’s action wrapped up, there are still a few sweats going on in our FantasyPros Insider league. There are multiple potential contest angles to pursue to help spice up tonight’s action. However, there were two routes that had more appeal than others. Create a contest between two of the three teams projected to score the fewest points this week, or create a contest between two of the top-scoring teams who have players on their team who are playing Monday night.

I opted to create a contest between two of the week’s high scorers, Let Russ Cook and Brandon’s Winston and Stafford. Brandon has a slight lead but has one player playing on Monday, while Let Russ Cook has two. As we can see in the screenshot above, TopProp awarded Winston and Stafford 13 bonus points. This means that Let Russ Cook must win by 14 in order to win the contest. 

The Strategy 

The 13 bonus points put Let Russ Cook in a big hole, but not one that is insurmountable. Winston and Stafford has the inconsistent Marquise Brown for Monday night. His lack of consistency is part of the reason we are challenging Brandon’s team. Brown has the talent to go off on any given Sunday (or Monday), but the goal here is to see the very consistent Darren Waller outscore Brown by more than just a few points. The hope is that he helps us catch up and pass Brandon’s team before the bonus points are taken into account. 

Ty’Son Williams is our bonus points killer. While Waller cutting into the lead and bonus points may be a tough ask, we are counting on Williams having a big game. Latavius Murray and Trenton Cannon may see some snaps Monday night, but it is Williams (who is the only back on the active roster who actually knows the playbook) who should see the bulk of the touches. Ty’Son was being praised for his hands throughout camp and should have a complete enough game to provide the fantasy production necessary to bridge the point gap. 

Brandon’s Winston and Stafford would obviously never accept this challenge without the bonus points (he has a 125.24 – 123.96 lead before the bonus points), but he may be more than tempted with them. Williams is a largely unknown product as far as the NFL regular season is concerned. That should be enough for Brandon to accept the challenge, especially if he’s banking on Latavius to get more touches than he actually will.

The Play: Expect Darren Waller and Ty’Son Williams to exceed expectations and create contests with them on TopProp.

The Fade: The inconsistent Hollywood Brown with the Ravens relying on the running game tonight.

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Raju Byfield is a featured writer for FantasyPros. For more from Raju, check out his profile and follow him @FantasyContext.

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