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Week 8 Fantasy Football Trade Value Chart (2021)

by Dan Harris | @danharris80 | Featured Writer
Oct 26, 2021

With fantasy managers past the worst bye week in recent memory, they can finally focus on improving the overall health of their rosters without worrying about a specific week or two. And with that – with managers feeling comfortable they can approach trades with a macro-view – it’s a good time to reiterate a few small rules I have with trading.

Do not bother trading players at the same position in the same tier in 1-for-1 trades. Just don’t. Hold what you’ve got. If a wide receiver is within a point or two of another in the trade value chart, don’t run to make the swap. You’re overthinking.

You can take a bath on a trade per the trade value chart and it is still worth making if it improves your roster. I have the deepest wide receiver group in the history of mankind in a league. I need help elsewhere. I am overpaying in trades involving wide receivers because it has been difficult to get deals done for running backs. I can live with it.

Stop doing major surgery to a roster that is working fine. You love to trade, I get it. Chill out. Don’t mess with success.

Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean your team is terrible and needs to be blown up. I know it feels late. But there’s still plenty of time to even out, especially with an extra week of games this season.

Bye weeks matter when evaluating players in trade. Don’t forget that.

Yes, everyone gets mad at me for the trade value I place on Christian McCaffrey. I fade injuries. We don’t know when he’ll be back. I’m not giving up an RB1 or anything close to it. It’s ok if you don’t agree. Just be nice about it, darn it!

And with that, let’s get to work.

The trade chart is fairly straightforward: just add the value of each player involved in a trade on both sides to see who wins. To be clear, these are not salary-cap values or FAB dollars. They are merely trade values calibrated to help you evaluate a deal, and they are provided for each format.

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