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MLB Park Factors Overview & Targets (2023 Fantasy Baseball)

MLB Park Factors Overview & Targets (2023 Fantasy Baseball)

Park factors are an integral piece of the puzzle for season-long fantasy value, streamer considerations during the season, and DFS. For instance, ballparks that boost homers are ideal for chasing homers relative to homer-suppressing venues. While that might seem obvious, knowing the parks at the extreme ends of the spectrum can make a substantial difference.

The following analysis of ballparks that enhance runs, depress runs, boost homers and suppress homers uses the three-average ballpark factors from our MLB Park Factors page. However, one park had renovations before last year. Thus, the three-year average isn’t the best measure for 2023. Instead, the single-year ballpark factors from Baseball Savant were included in the table. In addition, three ballparks will have dimension changes for this year. So, the parks are unlikely to play exactly like their three-year average.

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2023 MLB Park Factors Overview

Let’s get into the different factors that come into play at ballparks across Major League Baseball in 2023.

Ballpark Renovation Review for 2022

Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Orioles)

The first year of post-renovation data for Oriole Park at Camden Yards was drastically different than pre-renovations. Baltimore's home digs were hitter-friendly, enhancing scoring and homers. In 2022, it played pitcher-friendly. The park factors at Baseball Savant are set to 100 as neutral, and every point above or below 100 represents one percent. Whether looking at the percentage or rankings relative to other parks, Oriole Park at Camden Yards should be treated as a pitcher-friendly venue for 2023, and gamers can revisit the park factors during and after the season.

Ballpark Renovations for 2023

Citi Field (Mets)

The Mets are moving a portion of the right-field wall at Citi Field in. According to the New York Post, that portion of the field is moving in approximately 8 feet 6 inches to the right of the 370-foot sign in right center. So, maybe, left-handed hitters at Citi Field will pop a few more dingers. Yet, gamers probably shouldn't expect massive changes.

Comerica Park (Tigers)

The Tigers are making sizable changes to the dimensions of Comerica Park. The fence is being moved in 10 feet in center field, and the wall is being lowered from center field to the foul line in right field. However, as The Detroit News noted, it will still be the third-biggest park in baseball. Therefore, it will presumably remain a pitcher's park. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be as bad of a nightmare for hitters.

Rogers Centre (Blue Jays)

The Toronto Blue Jays are moving the outfield fences in and raising their height. Dayn Perry of CBS Sports provided a detailed breakdown of the new dimensions. Additionally, as he stated, left-handed hitters should enjoy a power pick-me-up.

Run-Amplifying Parks (5% or Greater Increase to Run Scoring)

Coors Field is still the runaway king for run-scoring venues. Great American Ball Park and Fenway Park are the only other parks that boost scoring by more than 10% and enhance runs by more than 20%. Angel Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, and Guaranteed Rate Field are other favorable venues for hitters and tricky for pitchers. And, again, Oriole Park at Camden Yards played pitcher-friendly last year after renovations. So, gamers should use the 2022 park factors in Baltimore instead of the three-year average.

Run-Suppressing Parks (5% or Greater Reduction to Run Scoring)

A whopping 10 venues reduce runs by at least five percent. Perhaps, Citi Field and Comerica will be more inviting for hitters this year after renovations. Still, they should be treated as pitcher-friendly parks. PETCO Park, Tropicana Field, T-Mobile Park, Busch Stadium, and the previously discussed Citi Field punish hitters the most substantially. Using our three-year rolling average, those five ballparks have reduced scoring by more than 10%. The other parks on the table are also rock-solid places to stream pitchers or use hurlers for DFS.

Homer-Amplifying Parks (10% or Greater Increase for Homers)

Great American "Small" Park is in a class of its own for boosting taters. Guaranteed Rate Field and Coors Field are also dreamy tater-mashing parks. The three parks at the top of the list are also prominently featured on the hitter-friendly ballpark table. Angel Stadium is also a holdover, and the same caution for Oriole Park at Camden Yards applies in this section.

Dodger Stadium isn't one of the top run-scoring parks, but it's an excellent place for chasing dongs. Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank Park are the other venues that increase homers by at least 10%.

Homer-Suppressing Parks (10% or Greater Reduction for Homers)

Comerica Park can only move up from the basement after renovating their stadium. However, even reducing home runs by less than 20% would be a notable change. Oakland Coliseum, Chase Field, and Oracle Park are the other stadiums that decrease homers by at least 20%. The days of Chase Field playing like a launching pad are a thing of the past, and the humidor is doing its job. Meanwhile, Oracle Park is still a challenging venue to reach the seats in, despite undergoing renovations before the 2020 season.

The other parks on the table are also poor places to chase homers. Yet, Kauffman Stadium is a notable outlier in this section. It's a unique park that significantly increases scoring and depresses homers. So, it's not necessarily an ideal park for streaming pitchers or using them in DFS.

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