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Josh is a savvy, grizzled veteran in the realm of make-believe sports. He's thoroughly experienced playing in season-long re-draft leagues, keeper formats and daily games. His fantasy advice for baseball and football has been found at many locations around the internet. He's finished in the top 10 accuracy scores among experts here, at Fantasy Pros, in three of four years competing with his colleagues including a first-place finish in 2012.

Articles From Josh
Pitchers to Target in a Holds League (2019 Fantasy Baseball) photo
Personally, I love incorporating holds into fantasy leagues. It appears most leagues that have adopted holds have done so by using a saves/holds category. ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy21 hrs ago
Pitchers to Reach for in 2019 Fantasy Baseball Drafts photo
While the title says pitchers, it could say starting pitchers instead. There are a few relief pitcher-eligible hurlers listed below, but all are projected ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy1 wk ago
10 Deep League Targets (2019 Fantasy Baseball) photo
In order to qualify for this piece, a player's ADP had to be north of 300 at the time of writing. A potential closer ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy2 wks ago
Stolen Base Sleepers & Bargains (2019 Fantasy Baseball) photo
Earlier this offseason, I took at look at stolen-base tendencies by team from last year. This article will attempt to unearth some specific players ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy2 wks ago
Prospects to Draft and Stash (2019 Fantasy Baseball) photo
Baseball fans and fantasy gamers have been treated to otherworldly young talent in recent years, and another prospect prodigy's debut is on the horizon. ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy3 wks ago
2019 Starting Pitcher Primer (Fantasy Baseball) photo
As I noted in the 2019 Relief Pitcher Primer, pitcher usage has been undergoing significant changes. I addressed how those changes have impacted relievers, ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy3 wks ago
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