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Josh is a savvy, grizzled veteran in the realm of make-believe sports. He's thoroughly experienced playing in season-long re-draft leagues, keeper formats and daily games. His fantasy advice for baseball and football has been found at many locations around the internet. He's finished in the top 10 accuracy scores among experts here, at Fantasy Pros, in three of four years competing with his colleagues including a first-place finish in 2012.

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2018 Breakout Players (Fantasy Baseball) photo
Being ahead of the pack on a player -- or players -- who make a leap forward is critical for winning fantasy leagues. Unlike ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy8 hrs ago
2018 Busts (Fantasy Baseball) photo
First of all, let me set the guidelines for who qualifies as a bust candidate. A bust isn't a sleeper or mid- to late-round ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy2 days ago
Underranked Players to Target in ESPN Drafts (Fantasy Baseball) photo
You don't have to look too deep in ESPN's ADP before identifying a bargain. In fact, there's one within the first 10 players. I ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy1 wk ago
Overranked Players to Avoid in ESPN Drafts (Fantasy Baseball) photo
Hitting on a sleeper or breakout is exciting. Avoiding drafting an underperformer is less heralded and exciting, but it's at least equally important to ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy1 wk ago
Players to Reach For (Fantasy Baseball) photo
Sometimes, it behooves gamers to reach for certain players for one reason or another. The following players standout as my favorites to go out ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy2 wks ago
2018 Outfield Primer (Fantasy Baseball) photo
The outfield is loaded. You can find everything you need at that position. There's elite talent at the top, a robust middle tier, and plenty ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy2 wks ago
Stolen Base Overview (Fantasy Baseball) photo
If you're looking for specific players to target for stolen bases, I've already covered them here. This piece is taking a full-team overview as ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy3 wks ago
MLB Free Agency Recap: Hitters (Fantasy Baseball) photo
The free-agent market took longer than usual to take shape this offseason, but things have picked up a bit of late. Of course, that ...
by Josh Shepardson in Fantasy3 wks ago
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