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5 Prospects to Trade in Dynasty Leagues (2024 Fantasy Baseball)

5 Prospects to Trade in Dynasty Leagues (2024 Fantasy Baseball)

Dealing away prospects is always a fun and stressful time. How will the minor league numbers translate to the majors? Will he get his command in check before he reaches the majors? Will playing time be a concern? It’s hard to find a ‘can’t miss’ prospect and once you think you’ve gotten one, you are once again proven wrong.

The prospects listed here are players that have great talent but come with some concern, like most prospects. These players have good value right now and depending on the needs you have in your league; it might be in your best interest to trade them.

Top Dynasty Prospects to Trade Now

James Wood (WAS – OF)

It’s hard to imagine moving a prospect that has been compared to Aaron Judge (mainly based on his physical size), let alone a top-15 overall prospect. Oh, and he can steal bases. James Wood could be a 30-home run hitter with the potential to also steal 30 bases. It all sounds great so far but what also could be over 30 is his strikeout rate. His strikeout rate was much better in 2022 with a low 20% but that increased to a low 30% in 2023 between two minor league levels. He finished last season in Double-A and will most likely start the 2024 season in Triple-A; a promotion to the majors seems very likely this season.

Wood is a top prospect with a lot of buzz around him right now. While the strikeout rate is concerning, he could still bring you some good value in a trade.

Mick Abel (PHI – SP)

Mick Abel is a solid pitching prospect with a great minor-league career K/9 percentage over 11. His command is concerning with his walk rate increasing from 4.15 in 2022 to 5.16 in 2023 (both seasons were split between two minor league levels).

He has been invited to spring training so one can hope he shows his strikeout rate rather than the walk rate. Unless the Philadelphia Phillies have injury problems, I wouldn’t expect to see Abel until mid or late season, most likely as a spot starter or bullpen help.

He is only 22 and the control issues could be fixed but even the littlest ‘fix’ sometimes messes with the strikeout rate. If that happened, then what do we have? Of course, it’s all a guessing game but I would see what I could get out of Abel before the season starts.

Kyle Manzardo (CLE – 1B)

I originally had no intention of putting Kyle Manzardo on this list. However, I’m always suspicious when the Tampa Bay Rays trade away a top prospect. Manzardo looked impressive in the Arizona Fall League. If he starts off hot in spring training, his value will continue to grow. His batting average dropped from .327 to .236 between 2022 and 2023, which isn’t great, but his extra-base hits remained about the same. Strikeouts are not a main concern with Manzardo; the last two seasons had him in the lower 20% strikeout rate. You won’t get any stolen bases and his glove doesn’t create any buzz. He will be a designated hitter or first baseman when he reaches the minors. If he struggles at the beginning of the season, the buzz surrounding him will drop and dynasty enthusiasts will turn their eyes elsewhere. Trade him now.

Ricky Tiedemann (TOR – SP)

Ricky Tiedemann finished the 2023 season in Triple-A. He is projected to make the Toronto Blue Jays’ roster sometime in the 2024 season. He spent the majority of the 2023 season in Double-A where he finished with a 5.06 ERA and a 1.50 WHIP. His strikeouts, however, were great – 58 in 32 innings in Double-A. His command needs work, but he put in some time in the Arizona Fall League and is likely to see some time in spring training. My biggest concern for Tiedemann is this upcoming season. I foresee the Blue Jays using him out of the bullpen whenever he does get the call. They will want to control his innings since he only pitched 44 in the minors last season. His value is high right now since he is considered one of the best pitching prospects as well as someone likely to be a 2024 call-up. If you’re interested in trading him, this would be the time.

Ethan Salas (SD – C)

Ethan Salas will probably make the Padres’ major league roster before he turns 20. However, that is still over two years away. I can’t help but feel the main story is not what he is doing on the diamond but that he finished the 2023 season in Double-A as a 17-year-old. He needs to show much more in Double-A and eventually Triple-A. The Padres have been aggressive with him but will likely give him the 2024 season in Double-A. He only had 28 at-bats in Double-A last year. I would capitalize on the excitement surrounding Salas and move him now. Perhaps the buzz around him will continue to grow this season and he could have more value next season, but I would sell now.

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