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2024 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings: Superflex (Fantasy Football)

2024 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings: Superflex (Fantasy Football)

We’ll have you covered as you prepare for your dynasty rookie drafts. In order to dominate your dynasty rookie draft, check out our expert consensus dynasty rookie draft rankings. And sync your league to practice with fast and free dynasty rookie mock drafts. Below, we dive into dynasty rookie rankings from some of our fantasy football expert community.

2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Guide

Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

1 Caleb Williams QB1 1 3 1.3 0.6
2 Marvin Harrison Jr. WR1 1 3 2 0.4
3 Jayden Daniels QB2 1 5 3.3 0.9
4 Malik Nabers WR2 3 6 4.8 0.9
5 Drake Maye QB3 3 9 5.1 1.9
6 Rome Odunze WR3 5 7 6.2 0.7
7 Brock Bowers TE1 5 8 6.7 0.8
8 Troy Franklin WR4 8 11 9.6 0.9
9 Brian Thomas Jr. WR5 8 13 9.8 1.4
10 J.J. McCarthy QB4 4 30 11.9 6.7
11 Jonathon Brooks RB1 10 23 14.4 3.8
12 Xavier Worthy WR6 10 27 14.6 5
13 Trey Benson RB2 12 21 16.2 3.1
14 Keon Coleman WR7 8 29 16.8 8.1
15 Adonai Mitchell WR8 11 26 17.2 4
16 Bo Nix QB5 9 32 18.3 6.3
17 Ladd McConkey WR9 11 24 18.9 3.3
18 Michael Penix Jr. QB6 12 47 19.6 10.6
19 Braelon Allen RB3 14 30 19.6 5.3
20 Blake Corum RB4 13 28 19.9 3.9

Dynasty Rookie Draft Outlook

Drake Maye (QB – North Carolina)

Maye is a deep-ball sniper. His arm strength consistently shows up in his film. His downfield prowess is one of his shining attributes, as he has ranked in the top 12 in deep ball-adjusted completion rate in each of the last two seasons. The deep ball velocity is palpable and easy as the ball jumps out of his hand. Maye also displays good touch and the ability to toss a precise change up in the short and intermediate when it’s called for. Maye has a pretty good pocket presence. Maye moves through progressions well overall, but he does seem a tick-late on some reps. It’s not a constant problem as he gets through reads one and two with regularity, but it’s more rare to see him progress to his third option or a check-down unless they are earlier in the progression. He will stand tall against pressure to deliver strikes. Maye offers some off-script play-making ability, but he can get out over his skis in this realm at times. It’s not a consistent theme, but he will bail the occasional clean pocket. He does offer the ability to be utilized on bootlegs and on the move, whether scripted or if he’s working through a broken play. Once he’s in scramble mode, he tends to lock onto one option while maneuvering through the noise. He needs to improve at keeping his eyes downfield in improv mode and continue to utilize the entire field as his canvas. Maye can get the ball out quickly for quick hitters, but his delivery can get long at times. He’ll need to clean that up more in the NFL, with the game speeding up.

Brock Bowers (TE – Georgia)

Bowers is an agile steamroller. He’s incredibly hard to bring down. Georgia utilized him in motion with screens a ton, and for good reason. It was free yards essentially each play as the first defender usually tasked with bringing down Bowers failed at their assignment. He was second among all tight ends in missed tackles forced in 2023. He sheds defenders with ease in the open field with a combination of strong legs and upper body strength. Bowers was utilized all over the formation. Out wide (running go routes). In-line or in the slot where he was too quick for linebackers to hang with him and too physical for nickels to have a chance at shutting him down. In motion where, he mauled opponents with screen targets. Bowers flashes good body control with solid adjustments to back-shoulder throws and targets outside of his frame. He has exceptional change of direction and bend. He can beat zone coverage sitting down in between defenders or excel against man coverage. Since 2021, among all tight ends with at least 25 man coverage targets, he ranks 12th in yards per route run, immediately ahead of Michael Mayer. His hands are as good as they come, with only a 4.4% drop rate in college (eight drops across three seasons). As a blocker, Bowers is able to hold his patch of grass in pass protection. His functional play strength translates. He has a good initial punch with strong hands. He wasn’t tasked with being isolated on blitzing linebackers, corners, or edges. On many plays, Bowers was asked to help seal the edge. He is a tenacious run blocker that can clear a path. He’s not an elite blocker, but he should be able to play every down in the NFL with the ability to become one of the best blockers in the league if it all gels.

Bo Nix (QB – Oregon)

The Oregon offense was tailored to get the ball out of Nix’s hands quickly. The backbone of the offense is based on screens and quick passing. Last year, Nix had the fourth-lowest aDOT, the ninth-lowest time to throw, and the ninth-highest screen rate while leading FBS in screen passing yards. This makes evaluating him for the NFL somewhat challenging. Some of these elements have bled into the NFL game, but Oregon had them ramped up to 11. Nix displays good mobility and accuracy while throwing on the run. He has good zip on short and intermediate passes, even when throwing off platform. He wasn’t asked to go deep often, with only 10.9% of his attempts 20 or more yards downfield. Last year, 66.7% of his passing attempts were aimed within nine yards of the line of scrimmage, with also 27.0% of his attempts behind the line of scrimmage. He has the arm strength to make all of the throws, and while his ball placement on deep tosses is ok, it’s not mind-melting. Nix stares down his first reads religiously. If his first read is covered, it becomes an adventure. In many instances, he will immediately go to his check-down option or scramble. Nix will drift and roll out from clean pockets at times. His processing and ability to navigate pressure in the NFL are big questions.

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Dynasty Rookie Draft Advice

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