Fantasy Baseball Trade Analyzer

Trade Analyzer

Evaluate any trade offer in seconds with our Trade Analyzer (part of the My Playbook suite of tools). The Analyzer provides a custom analysis of any potential trade based on your league’s settings and the fit for your roster. A recommendation is provided to help you pull the trigger or decline the trade with confidence.

What is My Playbook™?

My Playbook is our in-season assistant that lets you import your Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, or RTSports leagues. It only takes a few seconds to import a league and it’s FREE. You’ll get instant advice based on your roster along with matchup ratings and projections for your team. Try importing now.

How can the Trade Analyzer help my team?

The tool offers the following trade advice:

  • Support for even and uneven trades (e.g. 3 players for 2). Simply check off the players on both sides of the trade.
  • An instant analysis of whether the trade helps your team and whether you make out better than your opponent.
  • A color-coded breakdown to easily see where each potential trade will impact both teams and by how much.
  • The projected starting lineups for each team before and after the trade along with the impact across categories.
  • An analysis of how each potential trade will impact the talent and depth of your Bench.
  • Side by side comparisons of stats and rest of season projections for all players involved in the trade.


Check out the screenshots below to see how you can (1) Easily input your trade info, (2) Get a detailed analysis of the trade and (3) View a comparison of Rest of Season projections for everyone involved in the trade.

As the screen shots above indicate, you’ll receive a complete breakdown of any trade offer you’re looking to evaluate. In addition to the raw stats analysis in the 2nd screen shot, you will also have the option to see how the move impacts your team’s category rankings. This is a great way to view how the trade will affect your team relative to everyone else in your league.

How does the Trade Analyzer differ from the Trade Finder?

The Trade Analyzer evaluates specific trades that you’re either looking to make or have been offered. The trades can be even (e.g. 2 for 2 swaps) or uneven (e.g. 3 for 2, 2 for 1 exchanges, etc). The Trade Finder, meanwhile, proactively analyzes your league to locate the best 1 for 1 trade opportunities for your team. You’ll simply need to click a button and the top trade options will be presented to you. Both the Trade Analyzer and Trade Finder are packaged together as featured tools within our My Playbook™ Trade Assistant.

How do I get the Trade Analyzer?

The Trade Analyzer is part of the premium package for My Playbook™ . This package also features support for custom scoring and multiple league imports along with additional tools to help you win your league: a Waiver Assistant, League Analyzer, and Lineup Assistant. You can learn more about each tool in our features overview.

Ready to start analyzing trades for your team? Import your league into My Playbook™ to get started!

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