Fantasy Baseball Trade Finder


Want to instantly find out which trades will help your team? You’ve come to the right place! Our My Playbook tool features a Trade Finder that analyzes your league to locate the best trade opportunities. It offers a detailed analysis of the moves that will help you dominate your league.

What is My Playbook™?

My Playbook is our in-season assistant that lets you import your Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, or RTSports leagues. It only takes a few seconds to import a league and it’s FREE. You’ll get instant advice based on your roster along with matchup ratings and projections for your team. Try importing now.

How can the Trade Finder help my team?

The tool offers the following trade advice:

  • Instant recommendations of trades you should consider along with the likelihood they will be accepted.
  • A color-coded analysis to easily see where each potential trade will impact both teams and by how much.
  • The projected starting lineups for each team before and after the trade along with the impact across categories.
  • The ability to isolate trade partners, positions of need and players you’re willing to move (or not move).
  • An analysis of how each potential trade will impact the talent and depth of your Bench.
  • Side by side comparisons to see how players involved in trades stack up with their projections, stats and ratings.


Check out the screenshots below to see how you can (1) Set trade parameters, (2)  View trade opportunities for your team and (3) Get a detailed trade analysis of each potential move.

As you can see from the trade advice, the Trade Finder will tell you if a player will boost your starting lineup and bench quality. You can quickly view how each player you select will affect your team just by hovering over the “My Benefit” numbers within the trade opportunities table.

How do I get the Trade Finder?

The Trade Finder is part of the premium package for My Playbook. This package also features support for custom scoring and multiple league imports along with additional tools to help you win your league: a Waiver Assistant, League Analyzer, and Lineup Assistant. You can learn more about each tool in our features overview.

Ready for a Trade Analysis of your team? Import your team into My Playbook™ to get started!

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