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2021 Shortstop Ranking Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 16th 2021

  Shortstop is once again loaded for fantasy this year, and you can, conceivably, have three in your lineup at SS, middle infield, and utility. That doesn’t even include the other options who have eligibility at other position. You’ll see … read more »

2021 Catcher Rankings Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 12th 2021

I think it’s time to have a talk. No, it isn’t about eliminating two-catcher leagues. That’s like screaming into a brick wall. The traditional players don’t want to hear it, for whatever reason. The talk I want to have is … read more »

2021 Third Base Ranking Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 8th 2021

  Third base is, by far, the deepest position we have this year in fantasy. For instance, look at J.D. Davis. He’s a solid fantasy bat, and he’s 31st at the position per ADP. Thirty. First.  The question is, then, … read more »

Second Base Ranking Tiers (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 5th 2021

  Second base is an intriguing position this year. And you can take “intriguing” any way you want, and it probably fits. There are no players at the position going within the first two rounds of standard 12-team drafts according … read more »

First Base Ranking Tiers (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 4th 2021

  First base is an interesting position this year. There are two standout options early on, but to take either of them, you’re passing on the steals and starting pitching that you need to compete. After them, though, it gets … read more »

2021 Starting Pitcher Ranking Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Jon Anderson on February, 22nd 2021

  Fantasy baseball drafters can improve by shifting their focus away from straight-ordered rankings and into tiered rankings. This helps you identify spots in the draft where you need to prioritize a certain position and other times when you can … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Trade Value Chart: February Edition (2021)
By Michael Waterloo on February, 1st 2021

As dynasty leagues continue to gain traction within the fantasy baseball community, the growth of great content around dynasty leagues continues to grow, too. One aspect that we realized was missing last year was a dynasty trade chart. You can … read more »

Ranking Tiers: Relief Pitchers (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Mario Mergola on July, 19th 2020

Relief pitchers are hard to come by in fantasy baseball, but Mario Mergola breaks down your options at the position.

2020 Starting Pitcher Ranking Tiers (Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on July, 18th 2020

The top-100 starting pitchers are broken down into seven distinct tiers, highlighted by an elite top-five and value options throughout.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Ranking Tiers: Outfield
By Michael Waterloo on July, 16th 2020

The outfield position either has a surplus of options or it falls off very fast, depending on if you have three or five outfielders in your league. If you have three outfielders, don’t draft your second one too soon.