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Kent Weyrauch’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft w/ Trades (3.0)
By Kent Weyrauch on February, 3rd 2023

In this iteration of my mock draft, I tried out two new trades that I think make a lot of sense for the teams involved. With the Senior Bowl happing right now and the combine on the horizon, we are … read more »

Matthew Jones’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Two Rounds (4.0)
By Matthew Jones on February, 2nd 2023

Hi everyone, for my fourth mock draft at FantasyPros, I decided to challenge myself by adding a second round onto my previous mock draft, as I noticed that most of my first-round picks would have remained unchanged. Due to the … read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft: Matthew Freedman’s Pre-Super Bowl 2.0
By Matthew Freedman on February, 1st 2023

One game is all that remains of the 2022-23 NFL season: The Super Bowl. And that means #DraftSZN is almost here. Last May — shortly after the 2022 NFL draft — I published my way-too-early 2023 mock draft, so that’s … read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft: Five First-Round Trades
By Mike Fanelli on January, 26th 2023

With only four teams left in the playoffs, 28 teams have shifted their focus to the offseason. While free agency and the trade market will impact every team’s needs, it’s never too early for a 2023 NFL Mock draft. This … read more »

Kent Weyrauch’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0
By Kent Weyrauch on January, 20th 2023

With all declarations finalize and draft spots decided, it’s time to start connecting players to teams for the upcoming draft. With the Chicago Bears sliding into the first overall pick on the last game of the season, things are already … read more »

Matthew Jones’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft 3.0
By Matthew Jones on January, 17th 2023

Below is my latest guess at how the NFL Draft’s first round might unfold if it were held today. I’ve also included a list of prospects who were considered for one or more picks but ultimately just missed the cut. … read more »

Matthew Jones’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft 2.0
By Matthew Jones on January, 5th 2023

Below is my second try at projecting how this year’s draft may turn out. Make sure to check back in the coming days and weeks for more draft content! Check out all of our 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports & … read more »

Kent Weyrauch’s Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft
By Kent Weyrauch on December, 22nd 2022

Welcome to my first mock draft of the 2023 NFL Draft cycle! In this first rendition, I will connect prospects to teams I think will fit well. Then as we approach the NFL Draft in April, I will be utilizing … read more »

Early 2023 NFL Mock Draft Picks & Analysis
By Matthew Jones on November, 17th 2022

With the 2023 NFL Draft less than six months away, it’s time to take an early look at how the top-15 picks of the first round could be shaping up. In the coming weeks, we’ll get deeper into the draft … read more »

2023 NFL Mock Draft: Matthew Freedman’s Way-Too-Early Version 1 (May 2022)
By Matthew Freedman on May, 5th 2022

The 2022 NFL draft is only one week old, but there’s no time like the present to seize the future, so here it is: My way-too-early 2023 NFL mock draft. Did the world ask for this? No. But does the … read more »