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Featured Pros: Bold Predictions
Tue, Mar 27
Featured Pros: Bold Predictions
Please give us one fantasy related bold prediction with the season about to start that owners should keep in mind.
I'll be going with a bit of a homer pick here as I am an Angels fan... Shohei Ohtani will finish in the top 15 starting pitchers this season. After a miserable spring training owners have essentially abandoned ship, but we need to keep in mind this is a guy who reportedly touched 101.6 MPH in the Japanese league last season while averaging 97.5 mph. While the ERA is atrocious (I dont worry about spring numbers) his K/BB ratio is terrific at 19/3 in just 8 1/3 IP, and he gets to throw half of his games at the pitcher friendly Anaheim stadium (not to mention the other stadiums in the AL West that are equally pitcher friendly in Oakland and Seattle!). If Ohtani is available on waivers in your league, or you can pick him up in the late rounds of your draft its a gamble that has a ton of upside and not much risk given his current draft stock.

Featured Pros: Busts to Avoid
Thu, Mar 15
Featured Pros: Busts to Avoid
What hitter ranked in the top 30 of the expert consensus has the biggest bust potential this season?
Mookie Betts has the biggest bust potential coming off a 2017 season where he hit just .264, including under .260 against right handed pitching. He had issues with both sliders and changeups in 2017 and if that continues into 2018 I don't expect to see him in the top 10 once again.

What starting pitcher ranked in the top 25 of the expert consensus has the biggest bust potential this season?
Justin Verlander is entering his age 35 season, and has now pitched in 2500+ innings at the big league level. Very few pitchers are able to maintain the velocity and dominance a la Nolan Ryan, and while the Verlander comeback the last few years has been remarkable I'd say he has the greatest bust potential given his age and the velocity he throws at.

Featured Pros: Spring Training Watch
Thu, Feb 15
Featured Pros: Spring Training Watch
Name one hitter you'll be paying close attention to during spring training and why.
I'll be keeping a close eye on A.J. Pollock of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He appeared in just 112 games last season while batting .266, yet still maintains a ranking inside the top 40 hitters. If he looks like he is back to his 2015 form when he hit .315 to go with 20 HR and 39 SBs I'll certainly be reaching for him, but with the injury risk, subpar production from last season and the new humidor coming to Arizona I'm thinking he will be a pass for me in drafts this year.

Name one pitcher you'll be paying close attention to during spring training and why.
The one guy I (and likely everyone else who follows MLB) will be watching is Shohei Ohtani. As an Angels fan I'm excited to see how his skills translate to the major leagues, and the biggest question of all... can a guy be productive hitting and pitching over the course of a 162 game season.

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