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Cincinnati Reds

NL Central

What are fantasy baseball depth charts?
Fantasy baseball depth charts represent each MLB team's starters and backups based on current playing status. Expert Consensus Rankings are displayed to indicate each player's positional rating. The chart can be used to quickly identify potential injury replacements and waiver targets.

Cincinnati Reds Catchers
Tyler Stephenson 191921
Luke Maile

Cincinnati Reds First Basemen
First BasemenECRBestWorst
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 391051
Spencer Steer 10914

Cincinnati Reds Second Basemen
Second BasemenECRBestWorst
Jonathan India 252227
Spencer Steer 9811

Cincinnati Reds Third Basemen
Third BasemenECRBestWorst
Noelvi Marte 441720
Spencer Steer 8813
Elly De La Cruz 9523

Cincinnati Reds Shortstops
Elly De La Cruz 14826
Noelvi Marte 452325

Cincinnati Reds Left Fielders
Left FieldersECRBestWorst
Spencer Steer 211932
Jake Fraley 687073
Stuart Fairchild
Will Benson 12666109

Cincinnati Reds Center Fielders
Center FieldersECRBestWorst
TJ Friedl 322838
Jake Fraley 687073
Will Benson 12666109

Cincinnati Reds Right Fielders
Right FieldersECRBestWorst
Will Benson 12666109
Jake Fraley 687073

Cincinnati Reds Designated Hitters
Designated HittersECRBestWorst
Jake Fraley 646471
Christian Encarnacion-Strand 671626

Cincinnati Reds Starting Pitchers
Starting PitchersECRBestWorst
Hunter Greene 413553
Andrew Abbott 676479
Brandon Williamson 170148154
Connor Phillips

Cincinnati Reds Bullpen
Alexis Diaz 10316
Lucas Sims 127118146
Ian Gibaut
Nick Martinez 988384
Emilio Pagan
Fernando Cruz
Sam Moll
Alex Young