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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2023 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Notes

JP Sears Note
JP Sears photo 143. JP Sears SP,RP
Paul Blackburn Note
Paul Blackburn photo 174. Paul Blackburn SP
Ken Waldichuk Note
Ken Waldichuk photo 295. Ken Waldichuk RP,SP
Mason Miller Note
Mason Miller photo 296. Mason Miller SP
Hogan Harris Note
Hogan Harris photo 322. Hogan Harris RP,SP
Dany Jimenez Note
Dany Jimenez photo 327. Dany Jimenez RP
Kyle Muller Note
Kyle Muller photo 330. Kyle Muller RP,SP
Vinny Nittoli Note
Vinny Nittoli photo 353. Vinny Nittoli RP
Lucas Erceg Note
Lucas Erceg photo 393. Lucas Erceg RP
Zach Jackson Note
Zach Jackson photo 408. Zach Jackson RP
Luis Medina Note
Luis Medina photo 420. Luis Medina RP,SP
Austin Pruitt Note
Austin Pruitt photo 456. Austin Pruitt RP,SP
Osvaldo Bido Note
Osvaldo Bido photo 466. Osvaldo Bido RP,SP
Adrian Martinez Note
Adrian Martinez photo 487. Adrian Martinez RP,SP
Angel Felipe Note
Angel Felipe photo 489. Angel Felipe RP
Michael Kelly Note
Michael Kelly photo 511. Michael Kelly RP