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Franmil Reyes

Franmil Reyes


Age: 26Bats: RThrows: R

2022 Outlook

Draft Rank (ECR) H #65
Best / Worst #54 / #80
ADP #117

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Game Schedule
Game Schedule
GameOpp. Pitcher
Thu, Mar 31stvs KCTBD
Sat, Apr 2ndvs KCTBD
Sun, Apr 3rdvs KCTBD
Mon, Apr 4thvs MINTBD
Tue, Apr 5thvs MINTBD
Wed, Apr 6thvs MINTBD
Fri, Apr 8th@ KCTBD
Sat, Apr 9th@ KCTBD
Sun, Apr 10th@ KCTBD
Mon, Apr 11th@ KCTBD
Tue, Apr 12th@ CIN6:40pm
Wed, Apr 13th@ CIN12:35pm
Fri, Apr 15thvs SFTBD
Sat, Apr 16thvs SFTBD
Sun, Apr 17thvs SFTBD
Mon, Apr 18thvs CWSTBD
Tue, Apr 19thvs CWSTBD
Wed, Apr 20thvs CWSTBD
Thu, Apr 21stvs CWSTBD
Fri, Apr 22nd@ NYY7:05pm
Sat, Apr 23rd@ NYY1:05pm
Sun, Apr 24th@ NYY1:05pm
Mon, Apr 25th@ LAA9:38pm
Tue, Apr 26th@ LAA9:38pm
Wed, Apr 27th@ LAA9:38pm
Thu, Apr 28th@ LAA4:07pm
Fri, Apr 29th@ OAK9:40pm
Sat, Apr 30th@ OAK4:07pm
Sun, May 1st@ OAK4:07pm
Tue, May 3rdvs SDTBD
Wed, May 4thvs SDTBD
Thu, May 5thvs TORTBD
Fri, May 6thvs TORTBD
Sat, May 7thvs TORTBD
Sun, May 8thvs TORTBD
Mon, May 9th@ CWSTBD
Tue, May 10th@ CWSTBD
Wed, May 11th@ CWSTBD
Fri, May 13th@ MIN8:10pm
Sat, May 14th@ MIN7:10pm
Sun, May 15th@ MIN2:10pm
Tue, May 17thvs CINTBD
Wed, May 18thvs CINTBD
Fri, May 20thvs DETTBD
Sat, May 21stvs DETTBD
Sun, May 22ndvs DETTBD
Mon, May 23rd@ HOUTBD
Tue, May 24th@ HOUTBD
Wed, May 25th@ HOUTBD
Thu, May 26th@ DET7:10pm
Fri, May 27th@ DET7:10pm
Sat, May 28th@ DET4:10pm
Sun, May 29th@ DET1:10pm
Mon, May 30thvs KCTBD
Tue, May 31stvs KCTBD
Wed, Jun 1stvs KCTBD
Fri, Jun 3rd@ BAL7:05pm
Sat, Jun 4th@ BAL4:05pm
Sun, Jun 5th@ BAL1:05pm
Mon, Jun 6thvs TEXTBD
Tue, Jun 7thvs TEXTBD
Wed, Jun 8thvs TEXTBD
Thu, Jun 9thvs OAKTBD
Fri, Jun 10thvs OAKTBD
Sat, Jun 11thvs OAKTBD
Sun, Jun 12thvs OAKTBD
Tue, Jun 14th@ COL8:40pm
Wed, Jun 15th@ COL8:40pm
Thu, Jun 16th@ COL3:10pm
Fri, Jun 17th@ LADTBD
Sat, Jun 18th@ LADTBD
Sun, Jun 19th@ LADTBD
Tue, Jun 21st@ MIN7:40pm
Wed, Jun 22nd@ MIN7:40pm
Thu, Jun 23rd@ MIN1:10pm
Fri, Jun 24thvs BOSTBD
Sat, Jun 25thvs BOSTBD
Sun, Jun 26thvs BOSTBD
Mon, Jun 27thvs MINTBD
Tue, Jun 28thvs MINTBD
Wed, Jun 29thvs MINTBD
Thu, Jun 30thvs MINTBD
Fri, Jul 1stvs NYYTBD
Sat, Jul 2ndvs NYYTBD
Sun, Jul 3rdvs NYYTBD
Mon, Jul 4th@ DET1:10pm
Tue, Jul 5th@ DET7:10pm
Wed, Jul 6th@ DET1:10pm
Fri, Jul 8th@ KCTBD
Sat, Jul 9th@ KCTBD
Sun, Jul 10th@ KCTBD
Mon, Jul 11thvs CWSTBD
Tue, Jul 12thvs CWSTBD
Wed, Jul 13thvs CWSTBD
Fri, Jul 15thvs DETTBD
Sat, Jul 16thvs DETTBD
Sun, Jul 17thvs DETTBD
Fri, Jul 22nd@ CWSTBD
Sat, Jul 23rd@ CWSTBD
Sun, Jul 24th@ CWSTBD
Mon, Jul 25th@ BOS7:10pm
Tue, Jul 26th@ BOS7:10pm
Wed, Jul 27th@ BOS7:10pm
Thu, Jul 28th@ BOS7:10pm
Fri, Jul 29th@ TBTBD
Sat, Jul 30th@ TBTBD
Sun, Jul 31st@ TBTBD
Mon, Aug 1stvs ARITBD
Tue, Aug 2ndvs ARITBD
Wed, Aug 3rdvs ARITBD
Thu, Aug 4thvs HOUTBD
Fri, Aug 5thvs HOUTBD
Sat, Aug 6thvs HOUTBD
Sun, Aug 7thvs HOUTBD
Tue, Aug 9th@ DET7:10pm
Wed, Aug 10th@ DET7:10pm
Thu, Aug 11th@ DET1:10pm
Fri, Aug 12th@ TOR7:07pm
Sat, Aug 13th@ TOR3:07pm
Sun, Aug 14th@ TOR1:07pm
Mon, Aug 15thvs DETTBD
Tue, Aug 16thvs DETTBD
Wed, Aug 17thvs DETTBD
Fri, Aug 19thvs CWSTBD
Sat, Aug 20thvs CWSTBD
Sun, Aug 21stvs CWSTBD
Tue, Aug 23rd@ SD9:40pm
Wed, Aug 24th@ SD4:10pm
Thu, Aug 25th@ SEATBD
Fri, Aug 26th@ SEA10:10pm
Sat, Aug 27th@ SEA10:10pm
Sun, Aug 28th@ SEA4:10pm
Tue, Aug 30thvs BALTBD
Wed, Aug 31stvs BALTBD
Thu, Sep 1stvs BALTBD
Fri, Sep 2ndvs SEATBD
Sat, Sep 3rdvs SEATBD
Sun, Sep 4thvs SEATBD
Mon, Sep 5th@ KCTBD
Tue, Sep 6th@ KCTBD
Wed, Sep 7th@ KCTBD
Fri, Sep 9th@ MIN8:10pm
Sat, Sep 10th@ MIN7:10pm
Sun, Sep 11th@ MIN2:10pm
Mon, Sep 12thvs LAATBD
Tue, Sep 13thvs LAATBD
Wed, Sep 14thvs LAATBD
Fri, Sep 16thvs MINTBD
Sat, Sep 17thvs MINTBD
Sun, Sep 18thvs MINTBD
Tue, Sep 20th@ CWSTBD
Wed, Sep 21st@ CWSTBD
Thu, Sep 22nd@ CWSTBD
Fri, Sep 23rd@ TEX8:05pm
Sat, Sep 24th@ TEX7:05pm
Sun, Sep 25th@ TEX2:35pm
Tue, Sep 27thvs TBTBD
Wed, Sep 28thvs TBTBD
Thu, Sep 29thvs TBTBD
Fri, Sep 30thvs KCTBD
Sat, Oct 1stvs KCTBD
Sun, Oct 2ndvs KCTBD
Who Should I Draft?
DJ LeMahieu 1B,2B,3B-NYY
recommended by 63% of experts
Cody Bellinger 1B,CF,RF-LAD
recommended by 69% of experts
recommended by 56% of experts
Mitch Haniger CF,DH,RF-SEA
recommended by 69% of experts