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I run a relatively new site that focuses solely on fantasy baseball. We cover all things such as rankings, projections, updates, strategies, one on one advice, etc. I played baseball growing up, never made it to pro ball, but always had an knack for spotting talent and was always pretty successful betting on games. I minored in Communications at UCSD and have been participating in fantasy leagues and high stakes tournaments annually over the past 20 years. My picks were usually more accurate than most experts, so by the encouragement of many others, I started a site putting my money where my mouth is. Armed with a baseball, communications (with a focus on journalism) and gambling background (my dad had me making NFL picks against the spread for fun by the time I was six), the transition into fantasy analyst was only natural and quite enjoyable! I update our rankings throughout the season and are constantly keeping tabs on all things baseball, looking for anything to gain that competitive edge. The rankings are meticulously developed all off-season, focusing mainly on advanced metrics and analytics.

Articles From Austin
Fantasy Baseball Values to Target in Yahoo League Drafts (2023) photo

Yahoo contestants are usually pretty accurate when it comes to evaluating players. While most do fall in line, there are still a handful of great bargains to be had. Comparing a player’s cumulative ADP (average draft position among the six … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy1 day ago
Overvalued Players to Avoid in Yahoo Leagues (2023 Fantasy Baseball) photo

When it comes to evaluating players, Yahoo leagues are usually pretty accurate. That doesn’t mean they’re void of overpays, though, as there are always a few players that gain momentum for no valid reason. Once they appear on Yahoo’s trend … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy5 days ago
Late-Round Rookies to Target: Hitters (2023 Fantasy Baseball) photo

Rookies are always a bit of a gamble, but every once in a while they make a world of difference. Just ask Julio Rodriguez drafters last year or Pete Alonso believers back in 2019. Both players were taken near the … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy1 wk ago
Fantasy Baseball Values to Target in ESPN League Drafts (2023) photo

ESPN has switched its standard roto format to a smaller-sized roster this year. A roster they are calling “a reflection that more accurately represents an MLB Lineup.” Starting lineups are now 16 players constructed of nine position players and seven … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy1 wk ago
Closers to Target From Unsettled Situations (2023 Fantasy Baseball) photo

Investing in a jumbled closer situation is never a great idea. Sometimes you may strike gold, but more often than not, that draft pick could have been spent on someone else far more valuable. If you do invest, it’s always … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy4 wks ago
Best Values for Stolen Bases (2023 Fantasy Baseball) photo

Steals are likely to be up across the league this season, so spending an early draft pick on speed alone is not a great idea. There’s plenty of value to be had later, where a handful of guys could still … read more »

by Austin Lowell in Fantasy4 wks ago
Draft Arbitrage: Finding Fantasy Baseball Value Picks (2023) photo

Often in fantasy leagues, we find ourselves overpaying for name recognition rather than actual production. For example, a player who may have had a few great seasons years ago still has a better-than-deserved reputation. For one reason or another, the … read more »

by Austin Lowell in FantasyTue, Feb 21
Prospects Worth Stashing in Redraft Leagues (2023 Fantasy Baseball) photo

Ah, prospects. Everyone’s favorite subject, including mine. They represent all that is good in the world and hope for a better tomorrow. We constantly overpay for them in drafts, but every once in a while, we strike gold with a … read more »

by Austin Lowell in FantasyMon, Feb 20
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