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10 Fantasy Baseball Burning Questions: Ronel Blanco, Christian Yelich, Nolan Jones photo

One burning question that won’t be answered in this article is ‘Is it football season yet?’ That was a popular question among fantasy enthusiasts this week as it was a brutal news cycle. It’s been a tough start to the … read more »

by Corey Pieper in Fantasy5 days ago
10 Burning Questions: Jordan Montgomery, Matt McLain, Jared Jones (2024 Fantasy Baseball) photo

The long wait is finally over. The MLB regular season is upon us. We can now sit back and enjoy baseball nearly every day for the next six months. Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Assistant Fantasy Baseball Trade Tools Weekly Fantasy … read more »

by Corey Pieper in Fantasy2 wks ago
10 Burning Questions: Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery (2024 Fantasy Baseball) photo

If you woke up early enough, you saw two regular season games in Seoul, South Korea last week. Baseball fans everywhere were so excited for the season to begin. It was just a teaser of what was to come, though. … read more »

by Corey Pieper in Fantasy3 wks ago
6 Fantasy Baseball Draft Late-Round Lottery Tickets (2024) photo

An old adage is that you can’t win your draft in the first few rounds but you can lose it. The earliest rounds are typically where you want reliability from your selections. As the draft progresses, you begin to target … read more »

by Corey Pieper in Fantasy4 wks ago
Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy & Advice: Pocket Aces (2024) photo

If you’ve ever played Texas hold’em you know pocket aces is the most fortunate hand you can be dealt. By starting the game with two aces, you start the game with an advantage over your opponents. It’s important to note … read more »

by Corey Pieper in FantasyWed, Mar 13
6 Fantasy Baseball Draft Lottery Tickets to Target (2024) photo

The goal of a lottery ticket isn’t to double your money. It’s to strike it rich. You want to spend two dollars on a Powerball ticket and walk away a multi-millionaire. The chances of hitting it big are low, though. … read more »

by Corey Pieper in FantasyFri, Mar 8
11 MLB Innings Limits to Monitor (2024 Fantasy Baseball) photo

It’s never too early to begin thinking about innings limits for starting pitchers. MLB teams are certainly thinking about them already. Teams spend so much money on pitchers’ arms that they need to treat them as delicately as possible. You … read more »

by Corey Pieper in FantasyTue, Feb 27
Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy: Punting Categories (2024) photo

The word “punting” tends to have a negative connotation. Merriam-Webster provides three main definitions for the word. The first definition is “To kick with the top of the foot before the ball which is dropped from the hands hits the … read more »

by Corey Pieper in FantasyWed, Feb 21
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