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Evan Tarracciano



A Fantasy sports writing industry veteran for over a decade, Evan Tarracciano's passion and sports acumen have been featured on several websites, podcasts, and Sirius XM radio. The author and creator of the award-winning Waiver Wizard and Crystal Ball columns, Evan was nominated as the 2014 FSWA Newcomer of the Year in recognition of his talents and hasn't looked back since. His work is currently featured on FantasyPros, where he shares his Fantasy Football insight on various topics. Evan is also a contributing author to Joe Pisapia's "Fantasy Football Black Book". You can find him on Twitter/X (@Roto_Wizard)

Articles From Evan
Fantasy Football Bounce-Back Candidates: Running Backs (2024) photo

The running back position, known for its unpredictability, is a tough nut to crack. Years of data reveal bust rates among the projected top 10 players often soar to nearly 50% each season — a statistic even the most seasoned … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy11 hrs ago
Fantasy Football Bounce-Back Candidates: Wide Receivers (2024) photo

Targeting bounce-back candidates in fantasy football is akin to taking a trip to your local Dollar Store and finding something that was mismarked. You know that it is there, you just need to do a little digging first. Previously, I … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy1 day ago
Fantasy Football Bounce-Back Candidates: Quarterbacks (2024) photo

“Bounce-back” candidates generally fall into two categories: Those who sustained an injury the prior season and are looking to rebound and those who performed poorly compared to their projections and expectations. For this article, players returning from injury are easy … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy2 days ago
7 Overvalued Players in Salary Cap Drafts (2024 Fantasy Football) photo

Acquiring talent at or below their cost projections is vital to successful budget management in an auction draft. It allows managers more flexibility later in the drafts, allowing them to bid the extra dollar on their desired sleeper picks. Establishing … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy2 wks ago
7 Undervalued Targets in Salary Cap Drafts (2024 Fantasy Football) photo

When it comes to fantasy football, nothing beats the freedom of a salary cap league. Unlike in snake drafts, where my choices are often dictated by my draft slot, a salary cap format allows me to construct a team that … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy2 wks ago
8 Players Trending Up & Down (2024 Fantasy Football) photo

Similar to stocks on the Dow Jones, a player’s fantasy football draft position and perceived value can change quickly and suddenly. Astute fantasy football managers can take advantage of dips in average draft position (ADP) or avoid overvalued players by … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy3 wks ago
4 Overvalued Fantasy Football Players to Avoid: RTS Leagues (2024) photo

It’s crucial not to fall into the trap of being ‘that guy’ who shows up unprepared for their fantasy football draft, relying solely on the default rankings. This approach can lead to severe pitfalls, such as drafting a player several … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy3 wks ago
4 Fantasy Football Draft Values: RTS Leagues (2024) photo

The Boy Scouts of America coined their “Be Prepared” motto in 1907, and it has since adorned their uniforms, scarves and medals as a reminder to plan ahead and be disciplined. Though my journey with the Scouts ended right after … read more »

by Evan Tarracciano in Fantasy4 wks ago
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