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Jacob Herlin

Jacob Herlin


Articles From Jacob
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 3 (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
It feels like there have already been a lot of big injuries this year. There have been, but that's also what we say every ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy1 wk ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 2 (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
Week 1 of the regular season is exciting for a lot of reasons. For someone who thinks about fantasy defenses a lot (which is ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy2 wks ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 1 (2021 Fantasy Football) photo
The 2021 season is finally upon us! If you're living the streaming defense life, you might not have drafted them at all, and now ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy3 wks ago
Most Accurate Fantasy Baseball Experts (2020) photo
Something special is right around the corner. We're about to have a mostly-normal, full length baseball season for the first time in what feels ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyFri, Mar 12
Most Accurate Fantasy Baseball Projections (2020) photo
Baseball is a privileged sport when it comes to projections. The sheer number of games played in an MLB season, as well as the ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyWed, Mar 10
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 17 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
You and I are in an exclusive club. Not only are we in fantasy leagues that have finals in Week 17, but we find ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyTue, Dec 29
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 16 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
It's finals time! If you're reading this, it probably means you managed to dodge the variety of injuries and meltdowns (I'm looking at you, ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyTue, Dec 22
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 15 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
With the right league settings, it's possible that you're in the finals this week (I have one league with Week 13-14 semifinals and Week ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyTue, Dec 15
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