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Jacob Herlin

Jacob Herlin


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Let's Stream Defenses: Week 7 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Streaming defenses is starting to get hairy. We already had four teams on bye last week, but they were all strong offenses, meaning we ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy4 days ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 6 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
The COVID craziness as it relates to the NFL schedule has escalated since we last spoke. The Week 5 matchup between the Bills and ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy2 wks ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 5 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
In Week 4, we got a taste of what football is really like in the time of COVID. The Titans and Steelers had unexpected ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy3 wks ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 4 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
The wild ride of football in 2020 continues. The league scored an incredible 52.2 points per game in Week 3, continuing the pace to ...
by Jacob Herlin in Fantasy4 wks ago
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 3 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Week 2 was, well, tragic. A ton of excellent players got hurt. We all feared there would be a lot of soft tissue injuries ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyTue, Sep 22
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 2 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Before Week 1, there is a lot of guesswork involved in making fantasy predictions. After we finally get to see those games, there's still ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyTue, Sep 15
Let's Stream Defenses: Week 1 (2020 Fantasy Football) photo
Football season is finally upon us! Sports content is actually at an all-time high because sports that wouldn't usually be playing this time of ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyWed, Sep 9
2019's Most Accurate Fantasy Football Draft Rankings photo
2020 hasn't exactly been a normal year in sports, or in any other respect. You don't need me to tell you the impact Covid ...
by Jacob Herlin in FantasyFri, Jul 10
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