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John Hesterman

John Hesterman



John writes for Dynasty League Football. His sarcastic approach to statistical analysis gives his voice in the industry a unique edge. He's a die-hard Los Angeles Chargers fan. He remains a firm believer in auction drafts. When not researching or writing for fantasy football he is an avid gamer, poor golfer, and multi-instrument musician.

Articles From John
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 7 (2021) photo
The NFL season is flying by. We are into week seven already, and between injuries and bye weeks, roster construction has taken an interesting ...
by John Hesterman in Fantasy18 hrs ago
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 6 (2021) photo
What a week for fantasy scoring. There were a plethora of fantasy points tossed around, creating some fun and exciting contests. Yet, there was ...
by John Hesterman in Fantasy1 wk ago
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 5 (2021) photo
Week five is already shaping up to be interesting for DFS purposes. This main slate is missing five of the most commonly used offenses, including, the ...
by John Hesterman in Fantasy2 wks ago
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 4 (2021) photo
We are not all blessed with the opportunity to meet the people we look up to the most. I am both fortunate and blessed ...
by John Hesterman in Fantasy3 wks ago
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 3 (2021) photo
Thus far, time is flying when it comes to fantasy football and DFS contests. It seems like just yesterday DraftKings released their week-one salaries ...
by John Hesterman in Fantasy4 wks ago
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 2 (2021) photo
There are few things as exciting as the first week of NFL football. One could say that the only thing better than having the ...
by John Hesterman in FantasyFri, Sep 17
NFL DFS Stacking Advice: Week 1 (2021) photo
Take a deep breath; we have made it. After all the speculation, breakdowns, hot takes, and banter on Twitter, week one of the fantasy ...
by John Hesterman in FantasyThu, Sep 9
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