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Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman


Age: 23College: Georgia

2021 Outlook

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Newman's a difficult evaluation due to the fact that he opted out of the 2020 CFB season. He transferred out of Wake Forest to Georgia, but never played a down there. He's extremely raw and needed to improve in multiple areas before he could be considered as anything more than a developmental project. Newman struggles with accuracy at all levels of the field. Struggles to hit his receivers deep downfield and is often under-throwing them or missing them by 10 yards. Is able to hit the layup throws underneath, but struggles to give his receivers a chance if they're in tight coverage. Struggles with reading the field and particularly with telegraphing his throws. Often stares down his receiver before pulling the trigger, which leads to zone defenders being able to collapse in and make a play on the ball. Needs to learn how to trust his read and get the ball out quickly. If his read isn't there, he tends to drop his eyes and panic in the pocket and look for a way to get out or try and tuck the ball and run. Shows the ability to go through his reads, but as mentioned before, struggles with getting the ball out in time. Has a lot to improve in this area. Solid arm strength, but doesn't know how to control it. Doesn't have an understanding of how to combine his arm strength with touch on deep throws. Can often rely too much on his arm strength to get away with late throws, as mentioned before. Tends to drop his eyes in the pocket and has more of a willingness to tuck it and run rather than stand in and wait for his receivers to get open. Decent mechanics, but they're still not leading to accurate throws at every level. Needs to develop this aspect of his game too. Decent improvisation ability, but he tries to rely too much on his athleticism, which isn't good enough to succeed against NFL caliber defenders. If he tries to escape the pocket as much as he did on film at WF, he's going to take so many unnecessary hits. Struggles to hit his receivers when throwing on the run too, which doesn't bode well for improvisation ability at the next level. Is willing to stand in and take a shot, but it's often because of his own doing. Decent athlete that is able to get out on the move, but won't be someone that is consistently relied upon for his movability. Overall, Newman is a developmental project that needs more playing time. Opting out of the 2020 season was what was best for him and his family and their health, but it certainly hurt his NFL Draft outlook. Newman's likely a Day 3 pick.

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recommended by 64% of experts
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