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Kylin Hill

Kylin Hill


College: Mississippi State

Week 17 Outlook

No Game
Week Rank (ECR) N/A
Projection 0 pts



Hill's an explosive athlete that might have a future in the NFL as a heavily targeted option out of the backfield. Tends to run upright in between the tackles and has a tendency to let his legs get out in front of him, which prevents him from making quick and decisive movements. Has the explosiveness to take advantage of an open running lane, but might not be best suited to carry the ball frequently in between the tackles. Could be lethal on wide-zone runs though. Good burst and acceleration from a standstill position. Explosive through the hole at the LOS and very decisive. Can make defenders miss in the open field with a juke/head fake and then his explosiveness. Struggles to move laterally due to his footwork. Can be so explosive that he has problems throttling down his momentum to try and shift pass defenders at the second level. As mentioned before, could be an issue when trying to navigate in between the tackles. Shows very little examples of using power on tape. Willing to lower his shoulder at the sideline to embrace contact, but is more of an explosive player than one who is going to force defenders backwards. Tremendous straight line speed. Can consistently pick up chunk gains when given the ball in space. Should run extremely well at his Pro Day. Good contact balance and able to break arm tackles. Will be utilized more out in space than anything else, which aids in this trait, but shows a good and natural ability to absorb contact and keep moving. Excellent and natural pass-catcher out of the backfield. Shows great hand-eye coordination and ability to reel in tough grabs. Shows potential to be utilized heavily as a pass-catcher out of the backfield at the next level.Willing participant in pass protection. Tends to drop his eyes or even turn his body at some points, but does show good recognition of where the pressure is coming from and a willingness to stand in. Overall, Hill might not carry the ball 200+ times a season for a NFL offense, but he should be featured as a receiving weapon out of the backfield. He has the speed and athleticism to pick up chunk plays, but also has the body type and skillset to carry the ball occasionally and keep the defense on edge.

He's likely going to be a timeshare running back in the NFL who'll get the majority of passing-down work. Part of that is due to his size, but part of it's also because he's solid in pass protection, willing to put his body in harm's way. Can be utilized as a pass-catcher who's extremely quick. For not being a "power back", he has great contact balance, as you see him bounce off would-be tacklers quite a bit.