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Tylan Wallace

Tylan Wallace


Age: 22College: Oklahoma State

2021 Outlook

Strength of Schedule
WR Rank: 26th (hard)
Draft Rank (ECR) #379
Best / Worst #226 / #366

Roster %


This is one of those situations where I need to set aside my opinion on the player himself and focus on the landing spot. Wallace is a very reliable receiver but is now tied to an offense that's targeted their wide receivers just 393 times over the last two years combined. There are four teams who topped that number in 2020 alone. Unless they dramatically change their offense, he's just a depth player in fantasy.

(131) 47.1% college dominator, sophomore break-out season, injury derailed junior year and shortened senior year have diminished the buzz that there could be around Wallace. Maintained target share, yards per reception/game.

Wallace gets late 4th round draft capital, which is around what I expected, but he lands in a terrible spot for fantasy football. Wallace is now stuck as a bench receiver on this roster to start, but he certainly could work his way up the depth chart. For how much Baltimore runs the ball and values blocking from their receivers, this selection doesn't exactly make the most sense, but it simply could be a way of Baltimore taking the Best Available Player on the board. We might be stuck waiting a while for Wallace to have enough work to be fantasy football relevant.

Broke out in a big way his sophomore year. Led the team in catches, yards, TDs, and YPC. Torn ACL in October of his junior year. Still led the team in all receiving stats despite only 9 games played. Was seen as a 2nd round pick pre-injury but was projected to fall simply because of the depth of the class and all the WRs you could take not coming of an ACL injury. Tylan has a twin brother who had THREE ACL tears before being forced to retire. Has been compared to Allen Robinson(to say, here's your ceiling with the athletic ability you have). Right after I find out about his families knee history, I go to his college sports reference page and see he's dealing with a knee injury(12/22/20). Eerie. Spent another year leading the team in receiving. I doubt he test off the charts, I'm not worried about that. If he's drafted in the first 3 rounds, everything I think I see with him will have a bit of confirmation that is all I need to take in the early 2nd round of rookie drafts. Could've probably put this in the pros, but Tylan produced a 1st down on 73.7 of his catches
- A deceptive runner. The way he strides, sometimes you don't know if he's about to try and blow by you, or break down for a curl, always open on the curl
- A willing blocker
- Seems to have a high football IQ(finding holes in the zone, moving to the next level for blocks, etc.)
- Route runner
- Loves hitting people, finishes runs strong
- Undaunted by CBs trying to get under his skin. Was shoved by a Tulsa CB in 2019, just continued walking to the huddle
- Despite being able to uncover on deep routes, can snap his route off so quickly he's always open underneath
- Can deal with press and physical coverage
- Top Speed
- Aggressive and fairly successful on jump balls despite a poor vert, and unwillingness to catch away from the body. Like Tyreek on his jump balls, except without the hops haha can't always finish the catch
While he gets great separation on curls and sharp cuts, unable to get away on stretched out routes and sometimes struggles with press

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recommended by 67% of experts
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