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Jose Bautista (RF)

Toronto Blue Jays

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Jose Bautista News & Advice

Roto Authority | Apr 20th, 1:31am
Though this is Bautista 's age-33 season, nobody really doubted that he would still be a premier hitter as long as he could stay healthy, so the jury is still out on whether Bautista can avoid the knocks that led him to miss 114 games in 2012-13. The injury bug is still the only major red flag on Bautista since otherwise, his bat looks as strong as ever, and the extra walks are a good sign. - Mark Polishuk
Fangraphs | Apr 7th, 2:54am
Bautista is no stranger to the trainers room himself but I'm not worried about a bone bruise carrying over into this season. - David Wiers
Fangraphs | Mar 30th, 1:26am
He looks healthy. Remember what he did the last time he was healthy? Just don't forget that he's 33-years-old. - Brad Johnson