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Undervalued Consistent Players: TE (Fantasy Football)

by Bob Lung
Aug 26, 2016

Julius Thomas

Once fully healthy, Julius Thomas was solid down the stretch in 2015

Bob Lung breaks down consistent TEs that are going undervalued in fantasy football.

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Every year as fantasy owners head into their drafts, they are always looking for the “sleepers” or undervalued players. The Clutch Games system identifies undervalued players that most systems can’t. These are the players who are consistent week after week but don’t normally have huge games. These players slip down and can be drafted at great value.

I’m going to break these players into three different sections based on their ADP. The sections will consist of Early Picks (Rounds 1-to-4), Middle Picks (Rounds 5-to-9) and Late Picks (Rounds 10 and higher). I will identify those picks who are undervalued based on their current ADP. This way if you want to pick a player early, you can and still get good value based on what round you draft them. Or you can wait until the middle or late rounds and get great value just as easily. It’s your call!

We’ve examined quarterbacksrunning backs and wide receivers. Let’s now take a look at tight ends.

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Early Round Picks (Rounds 1 – 4)

There are no early round picks that are undervalued because there are only three tight ends whose ADP is under pick 48 (Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed and Greg Olsen). They are overvalued or at value.

Middle Round Picks (Rounds 5 – 9)

Delanie Walker (TEN)
Walker has ranked second in consistency for the second straight year and provides great value with his current ADP at TE5/pick 70. Getting a tight end with a Clutch Rating of 81% in the late sixth or early seventh round would be fantastic as your consistent core of quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers would be established by that point.

Julius Thomas (JAC)
Do you remember the days when Thomas was a fantasy stud in Denver? Well, those days may be coming back in Jacksonville. When Thomas was healthy at the end of last season, he earned five Clutch Games in his last seven played. His ADP is currently at TE10/pick 95. Thomas could easily end the season in the top six of TEs. There’s great value here if you draft him in rounds eight or nine.

Late Round Picks (Rounds 10 +)

Jason Witten (DAL)
Every preseason, Witten is tossed into the “trash” by fantasy owners and every year, I tell you not to write him off and draft him anyways. For the past three years, Witten has never ranked below 12th in total points or consistency. Last season he ranked 10th in both. His current ADP is TE18/pick 156. Yes, that’s in the 13th round! So, you could draft him as your backup. If that’s not great value, I don’t know what is.

Will Tye (NYG)
Will Tye, the Touchdown Guy, was unknown until mid-season when he replaced Larry Donnell. He tied for the most Clutch Games in the second half of the season with six over his last seven games. Because of the uncertainty of who will start for the Giants, Tye is way undervalued! His current ADP is TE26/pick 210. If you have a deep bench, don’t forget to draft him and stash him.

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