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My Playbook Auto-Pilot: The easy, automated way to manage your fantasy football lineups.

by Michael Woollands
Sep 26, 2017

Between work commitments, family life, and everything else you have going on between September and December, staying-on-top of all the latest fantasy news and injury updates can sometimes feel like a part-time job (especially if you play in several leagues).

To help with this, we recently launched a new feature for My Playbook called Auto-Pilot.

Auto-Pilot is a flexible lineup management feature that connects with your league host and can automatically set your best lineup each week, based on our Expert Consensus Rankings. It also monitors the status of your players in the hours leading up to kick-off, and can swap-out inactive players or adjust your starters based on any late-breaking news that changes your optimal lineup.

So let’s say it’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’re stuck at your cousin’s anniversary party making small-talk around the punch-bowl. Rob Gronkowski is a game-time decision (far-fetched, we know…stay with us on this one), and gets ruled out 15 minutes before kick-off. If he’s in your lineup, Auto-Pilot can send you an email alert to keep you in-the-loop, or even automatically adjust your lineup to swap-in the best available player from your bench. There’s no need to obsessively monitor Twitter in the hours leading-up to kick-off – Auto-Pilot does all the work for you, for as many of your leagues as you want.

We also know that different people want different levels of control over their lineup, so we’ve made sure that Auto-Pilot is easy for you to configure. There are two main ways to use Auto-Pilot:

  • Swap Inactive Players Only: Auto-Pilot will automatically swap-out (or email you about) inactive players in your lineup.
  • Full Auto-Pilot: In addition to swapping-out inactive players, Auto-Pilot will make sure your best players are started each week by submitting (or emailing you) your optimal lineup.

If you prefer to receive email alerts with our suggested lineup changes, instead of having us auto-submit to your league host, you’ll find that changing your lineup is still extremely simple. A button at the bottom of each email makes submitting our recommended lineup an easy, 2-click process.

If you’re an MVP or HOF subscriber, Auto-Pilot is already available to you. Open up My Playbook and click the Auto-Pilot link in the left navigation menu.

From there, enable Auto-Pilot, select the settings you’d like for the league, and click Save. That’s it! Auto-Pilot is now monitoring your lineup in that league.

Once Auto-Pilot is turned on for your league, any gameday lineup changes that match your settings will trigger an email alert that looks something like this:

However you choose to configure Auto-Pilot, we hope you’ll find it easier than ever before to manage your fantasy lineups (and dominate your leagues)! So head on over to My Playbook, and give Auto-Pilot a try today. And if you have any feedback, or any suggestions for changes you’d like to see, please let us know at We’d love to hear from you.

Not a My Playbook user yet? Import your team for free today or upgrade to an MVP/HOF subscription to start using Auto-Pilot with your leagues.

Auto-Pilot is currently available for leagues hosted with Yahoo, ESPN, CBS,, and This feature is also available in the My Playbook apps for iOS and Android.

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