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Game-By-Game Projections: Dak Prescott (2020 Fantasy Football)

by Michael Moore | @DLF_Moore | Featured Writer
Jun 15, 2020

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To say expectations for Dak Prescott are high this season would be an understatement. He’s been a QB1 in fantasy leagues all four seasons of his career, and he finished as a top-three (depending on your league’s scoring) quarterback last year. And luckily for Prescott, Dallas retained offensive coordinator Kellen Moore while the team went out and added what many believe to be the best receiver in this class, CeeDee Lamb, to add to an already potent cast of ball catchers. Everything has fallen in Prescott’s favor for him to have another big fantasy season.

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Week 1: Dallas at Los Angeles Rams
Prescott threw for only 212 yards last year against Los Angeles, but the Rams’ defense is projected to decline after the loss of coordinator Wade Phillips and key players on that side of the ball. That’s good news for Prescott, who throws for over 300 yards and a couple of touchdowns in his 2020 debut. 

Predicted Stat Line: 302 passing yards, two touchdowns; seven rushing yards (20.78 fantasy points) 

Week 2: Dallas vs. Atlanta
Prescott keeps rolling in his 2020 home opener against a porous Atlanta defense. The Falcons allowed the 10th-most passing touchdowns and 11th-most passing yards last year, and they didn’t get any better in the offseason. Expect a big day through the air. 

Predicted Stat Line: 342 passing yards, three touchdowns; 21 rushing yards (27.78 fantasy points) 

Week 3: Dallas at Seattle
Prescott’s hot start should cool off in Seattle, as he faces the always-tough Seahawks defense on the road. No passing touchdowns here, but he does manage to rush one in to salvage an otherwise subpar fantasy day. 

Predicted Stat Line: 206 passing yards, zero touchdowns, 14 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown (15.64 fantasy points) 

Week 4: Dallas vs. Cleveland
The Browns were already a top-10 defense in passing yards allowed last year, but then they went out and added former 49ers’ secondary coach Joe Woods as defensive coordinator to bolster it. So it isn’t a surprise that Prescott’s passing stats aren’t great, as Dallas chooses to gash them with the run. However, these developments also lead to Prescott’s best rushing game of the season so far. 

Predicted Stat Line: 221 passing yards, one touchdown, two interceptions; 30 rushing yards (13.84 fantasy points) 

Week 5: Dallas vs. New York Giants
Prescott gets out of his funk against a division rival who he torched last year. The Giants added little to their defense in the offseason, and they brought in a new coordinator with exactly one season of coordinating experience. That coordinator, Patrick Graham, served in that role in Miami in 2019 where the Dolphins gave up the most passing touchdowns in the league. Prescott should feast. 

Predicted Stat Line: 368 passing yards, three touchdowns, zero rushing yards (26.72 fantasy points) 

Week 6: Dallas vs. Arizona
While the Cardinals’ offense has gotten all the hype this offseason, their defense is still a work-in-progress, and they’re likely to continue giving up points. Case-in-point is giving up Dak’s fourth 300-yard game and fourth multi-touchdown game in his first six games of the season. 

Predicted Stat Line: 307 passing yards, two passing touchdowns; 17 rushing yards (21.98 fantasy points) 

Week 7: Dallas at Washington
The Washington defense wasn’t great last year, but such additions as rookie Chase Young under the new regime of Ron Rivera should shore that up. Despite an average day through the air, Prescott gets it done on the ground and ends up with a decent fantasy day. 

Predicted Stat Line: 265 passing yards, one passing touchdown; 42 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown (24.8 fantasy points) 

Week 8: Dallas at Philadelphia
Prescott has another tough day on the road against a division rival, and he fails to throw for 300 yards or a touchdown. The Eagles gave him trouble last year, at least when it came to fantasy scoring, and 2020 will be no different. 

Predicted Stat Line: 252 passing yards, zero passing touchdowns, 29 rushing yards (12.98 fantasy points) 

Week 9: Dallas vs. Pittsburgh
While the Steelers typically have a stingy defense, they and the Cowboys have a shootout at the Star, and Prescott has his best fantasy game of the season. The four total touchdowns are a season-high. 

Predicted Stat Line: 355 passing yards, three touchdowns, 42 rushing yards, one touchdown (36.4 fantasy points) 

Week 11: Dallas at Minnesota
It’s a mixed fantasy day for Prescott in the dome, as he has another 300-yard passing game but only one score. He does little on the ground, too, resulting in one of his worst fantasy games of the season. 

Predicted Stat Line: 334 passing yards, one touchdown, 9 rushing yards (18.26 fantasy points) 

Week 12: Dallas vs. Washington
Washington may have held Prescott in check earlier in the season, but he’ll break out against them in Dallas with three scores and his best rushing game of the season. It’s a continuation of Prescott’s success against Washington at home, where he threw for eight touchdowns over his previous three games against them at the Star. 

Predicted Stat Line: 258 passing yards, three touchdowns, 52 rushing yards (27.52 fantasy points) 

Week 13: Dallas at Baltimore
Prescott has his worst game of the season, but for a good reason. The Baltimore defense is coming off a season wherein they ranked fourth in defensive DVOA and only got better in the offseason. If that wasn’t enough, they’re at home, and they force Prescott to turn the ball over multiple times. 

Predicted Stat Line: 212 passing yards, zero touchdowns, two interceptions, 12 rushing yards (7.68 fantasy points) 

Week 14: Dallas at Cincinnati
Cincinnati had one the worst defenses last year, and while they added some pieces in the offseason, it wasn’t enough. Prescott will have another multi-touchdown game in this spot. However, he also posts his second zero-yard rushing game that will contribute to a good-not-great fantasy performance. 

Predicted Stat Line: 278 passing yards, two touchdowns, zero rushing yards (19.12 fantasy points) 

Week 15: Dallas vs. San Francisco
Not a bad fantasy day against a top-five defense. Despite losing Buckner, the 49ers won’t miss a beat from their second-best defensive performance in 2019 (according to DVOA). But Prescott manages to muster up a decent fantasy day with another multi-touchdown game. 

Predicted Stat Line: 256 passing yards, two touchdowns, eight rushing yards (18.24 fantasy points) 

Week 16: Dallas vs. Philadelphia
Over the course of his career, Prescott has looked downright average at home against the Eagles, throwing for six touchdowns and seven interceptions. This week is no different, as Prescott throws another multi-touchdown game but turns it over three times. 

Predicted Stat Line: 242 passing yards, two touchdowns, three interceptions, 40 rushing yards (18.68 fantasy points) 

Week 17: Dallas at New York Giants
Prescott finishes the 2020 regular season with his best outing, throwing for 400 yards and four touchdowns for the first time all season. It shouldn’t come as a surprise after he threw for a combined 662 yards and seven touchdowns against the G-Men last season. 

Predicted Stat Line: 410 passing yards, four touchdowns, one interception, 12 rushing yards  (32.6 fantasy points) 

Final 2020 Projections

Passing Yards  Passing TDs Interceptions Rushing Yards Rushing TDs Fantasy Pts
4,608 29 8 335 3 343.82

The passing yards and touchdowns are a little down from last year, but it’s still the second-best season for Prescott after last year’s mini-breakout. Some may be surprised that his numbers dipped after the addition of first-round rookie receiver CeeDee Lamb, but there’s only so many pass attempts to go around, and Lamb is sure to siphon off targets from veteran receivers like Michael Gallup. In the end, Prescott is still a top-five fantasy quarterback and should be drafted as such. 

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