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Fantasy Baseball Trade Value Chart (Week 2)

by Dan Harris | @danharris80 | Featured Writer
Apr 8, 2021

It is never harder to be patient than the first two or three weeks of the season. Watching your stud pitcher get hit hard while Rafael Devers starts slowly makes their fantasy managers cringe. It is tempting to shake up an under-performing roster with some flashy moves.

It is during these moments when fantasy managers need to dig deep and do whatever they can to exercise patience. A slow first week can turn into a white-hot start to the season with just a couple of big games. Fantasy managers built their teams as they did for a reason. Don’t let a small sample size ruin your fun.

With that said, some players’ stocks have already changed, even with just a few games having been played. It is then that our trade chart comes in handy, helping you assign value to both sides of any deal to evaluate whether a particular trade is right for you. So before pulling that trigger, make sure to refer to the chart below, updated each week through most fantasy leagues’ trade deadline.

Be sure to read up on a few notes regarding the biggest movers immediately below the chart. And note that you can use the search bar below the title to find any player you want quickly.

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I do not know the best way to handle Fernando Tatis Jr. The recent reports are good, but everything I’ve read gives me little-to-no confidence that he’s going to be able to make it through the season. I’ve got him valued as the 64th most valuable player for the remainder of the season, but I probably wouldn’t have the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger on him given my natural aversion to risk.

Ketel Marte left Wednesday’s game with an apparent leg injury and it didn’t look good. I have no information other than that, so if he we learn that he is out for a significant period of time, stop yelling at me! I didn’t know! I’ve dropped him a few points in value for now.

Movement in the trade chart is going to be slow for the first few weeks in particular, so the only major mover is Keston Hiura, and it’s a strong downward movement. I can live with being hitless in the first 20 plate appearances. I can’t live with the 50% strikeout rate after a 34.6% rate last season. There’s a ton of upside but he’s lost at the plate right now.

“But Dan, why did X player move up in value even though he isn’t off to a great start, and why is Y player lower than Z player when Z is performing better?” I get it, trust me. But ranking players and assigning trade values is a really arduous process, and sometimes I just realize I was a little too low or high on a player or two. Take this journey with me, friends. We’ve got a long and fun season ahead.

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