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FantasyPros Football Podcast: 21 Dynasty Trade Candidates: Buy or Sell

Apr 4, 2022

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Welcome to the latest episode of the FantasyPros Football Podcast. The show is hosted by Joe Pisapia (@JoePisapia17), Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB), and Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF). Together, our trio will offer insight to help your squads.

Joey P., Pat, and Derek share their top dynasty trade candidates ahead of the NFL Draft.


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Pat’s 1st Buy – 0:05:11
Derek’s 1st Buy – 0:08:36
Pat’s 2nd Buy – 0:11:02
Derek’s 2nd and 3rd Buys – 0:13:08
Pat’s 3rd Buy – 0:18:16
Derek’s 4th Buy – 0:21:46
Pat’s 4th Buy – 0:23:57
Derek’s 5th & 6th Buy – 0:27:27
Pat’s 5th Buy – 0:30:22
Derek’s 1st Sell – 0:32:16
Pat’s 1st Sell – 0:35:32
Would you rather have a rookie QB over Tua? – 0:37:25
Derek’s 2nd Sell – 0:38:14
Pat’s 3rd Sell – 0:42:35
Darnell Mooney & Hunter Renfrow for Ezekiel Elliott? – 0:46:04
Derek’s 3rd Sell – 0:46:51
Pat’s 4th Sell – 0:51:07
Derek’s 4th Sell – 0:53:46
Pat’s 5th Sell – 0:57:12
Derek’s 5th Sell – 0:58:53