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2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Outfielders
By Mario Mergola on March, 28th 2021

Outfield is typically one of the deepest positions in fantasy baseball. On the surface, that would suggest that we could wait to fill the spot. Therein lies its unique nature. Outfield isn’t “one spot.” It’s multiple. Many leagues require three … read more »

Brendan Tuma’s Draft Cheat Sheet (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on March, 26th 2021

First things first – THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my articles this offseason, engaging on Twitter, and listening to the podcast. This is the most plugged in I’ve ever been to fantasy baseball yet there’s still so … read more »

Saves Plus Holds Leagues Primer (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Brendan Tuma on March, 23rd 2021

  In my SPSB roto strategy article from earlier this month, I spent some time talking about how baseball has changed over the years. I believe this means our fantasy strategy should change as well. Taking the idea a step … read more »

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Starting Pitcher
By Michael Waterloo on March, 18th 2021

  No matter the draft you’re in, you’re going to see pitching pushed up. With so few true aces out there – and, as you’ll see throughout this primer, innings being at a premium in 2021 – people don’t want … read more »

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Third Base
By Andrew Gould on March, 2nd 2021

The hot corner is a great place to find bargain batters in 2021 drafts.

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Shortstop
By Michael Waterloo on February, 25th 2021

  Shortstop is, once again, the most loaded position in the draft. You’ll see them broken down into tiers below, but there are 24 players who you could be happy with as your starting shortstop. Yet the double shortstop approach … read more »

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Second Base
By Michael Waterloo on February, 19th 2021

Second base is an intriguing position this year. And you can take “intriguing” any way you want, and it probably fits. There are no players at the position going within the first two rounds of standard 12-team drafts according to … read more »

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: First Base
By Michael Waterloo on February, 11th 2021

When looking at the first base position for 2021, two words come to mind immediately: Power Old There are many aging stars atop the position, which isn’t necessarily bad for re-draft leagues. Old, boring, and productive can win you leagues. … read more »

2021 Fantasy Baseball Primer: Catcher
By Andrew Gould on February, 3rd 2021

J.T. Realmuto is the undisputed top catcher heading into 2021 drafts.

Value Based Drafting Primer (2021 Fantasy Baseball)
By Andrew Gould on January, 14th 2021

Make value a priority in 2021 fantasy baseball drafts.