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Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets: Must-Have Players (2023)
By Mike Maher on March, 28th 2023

“Sleeper” is a term that is dying out, at least by definition alone. But “league-winners” and “must-have players” have entered the conversation. Whatever you call them, the general concept is the same: you want to draft (or purchase, or acquire) … read more »

Top Fantasy Baseball Prospects to Stash (2023)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 27th 2023

We are right around the corner from Opening Day. Literally, it’s just a few days away, giving us another marathon season ahead of us. Most drafts have wrapped up by now, and while those are the most fun part of … read more »

Fantasy Baseball In-Season Management Tips & Advice (2023)
By Taylor Tarter on March, 27th 2023

Nobody comes out of a draft with the perfect team, so what usually dictates who wins fantasy baseball leagues is who makes the smartest and most shrewd decisions in-season. Here are a few in-season strategies to help you win your … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Values to Target in Yahoo League Drafts (2023)
By Austin Lowell on March, 23rd 2023

Yahoo contestants are usually pretty accurate when it comes to evaluating players. While most do fall in line, there are still a handful of great bargains to be had. Comparing a player’s cumulative ADP (average draft position among the six … read more »

Negative Regression Candidates (2023 Fantasy Baseball)
By Mario Mergola on March, 22nd 2023

For as much as we want to identify sleepers and value picks who can help us win a fantasy baseball league, we need to give equal respect to those players who can sink a team. They are the busts. This … read more »

Roto League Overview & Draft Strategy (2023 Fantasy Baseball)
By Josh Weil on March, 19th 2023

As the World Baseball Classic rounds out, we need to make sure that our fantasy teams are ready for the draft! Speaking of rotisserie (roto) leagues very vaguely, they are different than points leagues. A points league is set up … read more »

Overvalued Players to Avoid in Yahoo Leagues (2023 Fantasy Baseball)
By Austin Lowell on March, 19th 2023

When it comes to evaluating players, Yahoo leagues are usually pretty accurate. That doesn’t mean they’re void of overpays, though, as there are always a few players that gain momentum for no valid reason. Once they appear on Yahoo’s trend … read more »

Late-Round Rookies to Target: Hitters (2023 Fantasy Baseball)
By Austin Lowell on March, 16th 2023

Rookies are always a bit of a gamble, but every once in a while they make a world of difference. Just ask Julio Rodriguez drafters last year or Pete Alonso believers back in 2019. Both players were taken near the … read more »

Michael Waterloo’s Draft Cheat Sheet (2023 Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on March, 16th 2023

With Opening Day on the horizon, we are in crunch time as far as fantasy drafts are concerned. For your drafts that are closer to the first pitch of the 2023 season, I have you covered as far as my … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Values to Target in ESPN League Drafts (2023)
By Austin Lowell on March, 16th 2023

ESPN has switched its standard roto format to a smaller-sized roster this year. A roster they are calling “a reflection that more accurately represents an MLB Lineup.” Starting lineups are now 16 players constructed of nine position players and seven … read more »