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Lessons to Carry Over Into Your New Season (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on December, 4th 2019

Name a sport, and I’ll show you an example of it being a copycat league. For the NFL, you remember the “wildcat” and read-option times? The Dolphins popularized it, but other teams followed suit.  For baseball, it’s been the implementation … read more »

Late-Season Streaks & Swoons (2020 Fantasy Baseball)
By Carmen Maiorano on November, 22nd 2019

I get it – fantasy football is front and center by September. You may have missed some drastic changes in trends in the last month of the season and it’s my job to point out the main ones. I have … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Category Analysis: Week 24
By Michael Waterloo on September, 6th 2019

Oh, you’re still reading? Well, congrats on making it this far into your season. If you’re reading this just because you love fantasy baseball and your season is over, you’re just a monster. But, like, the best kind of monster.  … read more »

5 Things to Know for Week 23 (Fantasy Baseball)
By Michael Waterloo on August, 30th 2019

It’s that time. It’s playoff time for fantasy baseball managers who are in any sort of head-to-head leagues. That being said, it’s time to limit the risks in your lineup to put yourself in the best position possible. As we … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Two-Start Pitchers: 9/2-9/8
By Michael Waterloo on August, 30th 2019

With us using the rostership numbers from Yahoo, it’s important to note that this upcoming week marks the start of the playoffs in standard Yahoo head-to-head leagues. I’ll keep ranking players in different tiers, but the time for taking chances … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Category Analysis: Week 22
By Michael Waterloo on August, 29th 2019

If you’re hoping to make up ground in your roto league at this point, good luck. If you’re looking at counting stats, there is still time, but your ratio stats (ERA, WHIP, average) are going to be tough to move … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Risers and Fallers: Week 22
By Max Freeze on August, 26th 2019

Welcome back to the weekly edition of fantasy baseball risers and fallers! You know the deal: I cover some of baseball’s hottest and coldest players over the last week. I’ll provide some reasoning behind the success or struggles and what … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Two-Start Pitchers: 8/26-9/1
By Michael Waterloo on August, 23rd 2019

As promised, in the lede this week I am going to look at some fantasy-relevant pitchers who are having their innings managed or, in the worst case, could be shut down soon. Both situations are, of course, a gut-punch to … read more »

Fantasy Baseball Category Analysis: Week 21
By Michael Waterloo on August, 22nd 2019

No, this isn’t one of those turn-back-the-clock night promotions that teams do every year. There are a lot of names of former fantasy glory who are making differences again down the stretch for fantasy managers. But yet, we are reluctant … read more »

Statcast Risers & Fallers: Week 21 (Fantasy Baseball)
By Nicholas Gerli on August, 21st 2019

With fantasy playoff time on the horizon, it’s now more important than ever to find undervalued players for the stretch run. With that mind, let’s dig into this week’s Statcast risers and fallers! Import your team to My Playbook for … read more »