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2022 NFL Draft Stock Up & Down: Kenneth Walker III, Chris Olave, Kyren Williams
By Adam Murfet on March, 16th 2022

  With the NFL Free Agency here and a crazy trading week last week, it is time to review whose stock has gone up and whose has gone down over the course of the last seven days since the end … read more »

Prospects with High Potential Despite Poor Combine Showings (2022 Fantasy Football)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 14th 2022

Sometimes, it just isn’t your day. For all of the amazing, stock-boosting displays of athleticism we witnessed at the NFL Scouting Combine, there were still some letdowns. In past years, some prospects who disappointed at the Combine were merely exposed … read more »

Sleeper Prospects that Boosted Stock the Most at the Combine
By Bo McBrayer on March, 11th 2022

The bright lights of the NFL Scouting Combine shone hot on the faces of the supposed top prospects. They had something to gain, but a whole lot more to lose with their performances in Indianapolis. The combine is where certain … read more »

Combine Surprises (2022 Fantasy Football)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 10th 2022

The NFL Network aired 30 hours of coverage from the NFL Scouting Combine over four days. The city of Indianapolis has hosted the event for 35 years running, except for last year when the COVID-19 pandemic forced its cancellation. For … read more »

Combine Risers/Fallers (2022 NFL Draft)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 10th 2022

Playing dynasty fantasy football is a lot like trading in the stock market. Every player is their own company, with their values rising and falling with the flow of information in and around their sphere of influence. The NFL Scouting … read more »

Prospects That Hurt Stock the Most at the Combine (2022 NFL Draft)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 10th 2022

Glory goes to the emboldened few who rise to every challenge. The NFL Scouting Combine is an athletic audition of sorts for a part in the most-watched program in American television: professional football. Every show needs its stars, but we … read more »

Scott Bogman’s 2022 NFL Draft Player Notes (Fantasy Football)
By Scott Bogman on March, 10th 2022

Now that the 2022 NFL Combine is in the books, more has become known about the current rookie draft class. Some prospects raised the stakes during the combine, while others came up short (or slow!). Scott Bogman, host of the … read more »

2022 NFL Scouting Combine Awards
By Bo McBrayer on March, 9th 2022

Where were you when a hefty, wide-bodied Bulldog made Planet Earth spin faster on its axis when he ran? With all due respect to non-football fans, the NFL Scouting Combine was infinitely better to watch than the Oscars or Emmys. … read more »

The 2022 All-Combine Team (Fantasy Football)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 9th 2022

The NFL Scouting Combine has seen some impressive feats of athletic ability. It really is too bad that the track record of combine heroes is littered with Sunday failures. The optimist in me says that this year will be different. … read more »

NFL Combine Prospects Matched to Pros Based on Measurements (2022 Fantasy Football)
By Bo McBrayer on March, 7th 2022

“The Halo Effect” is the feeling that someone looks familiar even if you haven’t seen them before. It only takes a person thousandths of a second to recognize someone and retain someone’s facial features. Sometimes, we even appropriate other traits from … read more »