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Superflex PPR Mock Draft: Redraft (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Skyler Carlin on April, 13th 2021

Ah, spring weather is finally beginning to arrive, which means that mock drafts abound. While people tirelessly attempt to predict every pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, it’s also prime mock draft season for fantasy football fans. With drafts taking … read more »

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Half-PPR (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Andrew Hall on April, 7th 2021

  We’re well into rookie draft season here at FantasyPros, so instead of the usual mock draft where an analyst basically lays out their rankings which may or may not have changed much since the last time, I thought I’d … read more »

Kyle Yates’ Mock Draft 6.0
By Kyle Yates on April, 6th 2021

  The 2021 NFL Draft is shaping up to be absolutely must-watch tv. After a chaotic off-season already where we’ve seen players like Carson Wentz and Matthew Stafford moved, the action is seemingly only just beginning. The San Francisco 49ers … read more »

Dynasty Startup Mock Draft: Superflex PPR (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Matt Barbato on April, 1st 2021

I joined my first two dynasty leagues last season and really loved it. What makes a dynasty startup draft difficult is you have to think beyond one year. You’re forced to weigh whether you’d prefer a player who can help … read more »

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex PPR (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Joshua Lefkowitz on April, 1st 2021

I am happy to be follow up my first Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft with another installment, this one focusing on Superflex. For those unfamiliar with Superflex leagues, the format allows managers to start a WR, RB, TE, or QB as … read more »

Dynasty Startup Mock Draft: SuperFlex PPR – Early Pick (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Geoff Lambert on March, 31st 2021

SuperFlex leagues are all the rage in dynasty now. Even Best Ball leagues are now mostly SuperFlex. As someone who has played fantasy football since 1998, I was against SuperFlex or Two-QB leagues for a long time. It just didn’t … read more »

Mike Tagliere’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft (3.0 – Two Rounds)
By Mike Tagliere on March, 30th 2021

It’s finally time to start taking mock drafts seriously. Why? Well, we now have a much clearer picture as to what the rosters look like heading into the draft. Free agency certainly changed a lot, and while there are still … read more »

Expert Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Kyle Yates on March, 23rd 2021

  Ever since the end of the 2020 NFL regular season, it’s been non-stop rookie talk for me. I’ve done countless rookie mock drafts, NFL mock drafts, Dynasty podcasts, etc. and my thoughts on these players can be found anywhere … read more »

Early 2021 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12-Team Standard
By Jason Kamlowsky on March, 19th 2021

It’s March, and while everyone is filling out their brackets, the grind never stops for fantasy football, so I am mock drafting using the FantasyPros Mock Draft Simulator. I put down my thoughts after each pick in real-time, so this … read more »

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: PPR (2021 Fantasy Football)
By Joshua Lefkowitz on March, 17th 2021

One of the most exciting periods of the NFL offseason is about to begin. As the NFL Draft approaches, so do rookie drafts in dynasty fantasy football leagues. Usually, the rookie draft will take place shortly after the real NFL … read more »