Boston Red Sox

AL East

What are fantasy baseball depth charts?
Fantasy baseball depth charts represent each MLB team's starters and backups based on current playing status. Expert Consensus Rankings are displayed to indicate each player's positional rating. The chart can be used to quickly identify potential injury replacements and waiver targets.

Christian Vazquez 311850
Sandy Leon 572065

First BasemenECRBestWorst
Michael Chavis
Brock Holt DTD

Second BasemenECRBestWorst
Brock Holt DTD683982
Eduardo Nunez 472263
Marco Hernandez IL10117115123
Michael Chavis

Third BasemenECRBestWorst
Rafael Devers 18924
Eduardo Nunez 422265
Marco Hernandez IL10122115123
Michael Chavis 9577117

Xander Bogaerts 7412
Brock Holt DTD623666
Marco Hernandez IL10
Eduardo Nunez

Left FieldersECRBestWorst
Andrew Benintendi DTD10527
J.D. Martinez 329
Brock Holt DTD17294191

Center FieldersECRBestWorst
Jackie Bradley Jr. 554192
Mookie Betts 2113
Andrew Benintendi DTD10527
Brock Holt DTD17294191

Right FieldersECRBestWorst
Mookie Betts 2113
J.D. Martinez 329
Brock Holt DTD17294191

Designated HittersECRBestWorst
J.D. Martinez 214
Michael Chavis

Starting PitchersECRBestWorst
Chris Sale 216
David Price 241849
Rick Porcello 452999
Brian Johnson 229143360
Eduardo Rodriguez 392187

Matt Barnes 281288
Brandon Workman 303208267
Ryan Brasier 4620116
Marcus Walden 402347478
Colten Brewer 337266344
Steven Wright 212102276
Mike Shawaryn
Josh Taylor