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Kansas City Royals

AL Central

What are fantasy baseball depth charts?
Fantasy baseball depth charts represent each MLB team's starters and backups based on current playing status. Expert Consensus Rankings are displayed to indicate each player's positional rating. The chart can be used to quickly identify potential injury replacements and waiver targets.

Kansas City Royals Catchers
Salvador Perez 4111
Logan Porter
MJ Melendez 9416

Kansas City Royals First Basemen
First BasemenECRBestWorst
Nick Pratto 714075
Matt Duffy 907583

Kansas City Royals Second Basemen
Second BasemenECRBestWorst
Michael Massey 452050
Nick Loftin
Matt Duffy 997492

Kansas City Royals Third Basemen
Third BasemenECRBestWorst
Maikel Garcia
Nick Loftin
Matt Duffy 1017993

Kansas City Royals Shortstops
Bobby Witt Jr. 327
Maikel Garcia 7353107
Matt Duffy

Kansas City Royals Left Fielders
Left FieldersECRBestWorst
MJ Melendez 382170
Dairon Blanco
Nick Loftin 289251287

Kansas City Royals Center Fielders
Center FieldersECRBestWorst
Kyle Isbel 12588148
Drew Waters 151120155
Dairon Blanco

Kansas City Royals Right Fielders
Right FieldersECRBestWorst
Nelson Velazquez 207168216
Drew Waters 151120155
MJ Melendez 382170
Dairon Blanco
Edward Olivares 10677129

Kansas City Royals Designated Hitters
Designated HittersECRBestWorst
MJ Melendez 341442

Kansas City Royals Starting Pitchers
Starting PitchersECRBestWorst
Jordan Lyles 183103368
Zack Greinke 170114270
Cole Ragans 220171263
Alec Marsh 414362425
Anthony Veneziano
Jonathan Bowlan 420376396

Kansas City Royals Bullpen
Carlos Hernandez 250126543
Taylor Clarke 209134296
James McArthur
Collin Snider 579478528
Steven Cruz
Jackson Kowar 312192510
Tucker Davidson
Angel Zerpa