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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes
Mike Moustakas Note
Mike Moustakas photo 11. Mike Moustakas
Moustakas is a virtual lock to hit 30+ homers with 80+ RBIs but he doesn't steal any bags and with the power will likely come a sub-optimal batting average. You could do worse in the 9th round, however, because at the very least, he is a reliable three-category contributor.
8 weeks ago
Nick Senzel Note
Nick Senzel photo 31. Nick Senzel
Senzel was expected to be an immediate five-category contributor but has run into some injury issues then struggled with a .256 batting average. The upside is still there but compared to others being drafted in the 15th round, he comes with more risk.
8 weeks ago
Freddy Galvis Note
Freddy Galvis photo 53. Freddy Galvis
Galvis is quietly one of the most consistent offensive shortstops. His upside is limited, of course, but you can count on him for 20 homers, 65 runs, 65 RBIs and a decent average.
8 weeks ago
Josh VanMeter Note
Josh VanMeter photo 71. Josh VanMeter
Kyle Farmer Note
Kyle Farmer photo 89. Kyle Farmer
Derek Dietrich Note
Derek Dietrich photo 95. Derek Dietrich
Alex Blandino Note
Alex Blandino photo 133. Alex Blandino
Christian Colon Note
Christian Colon photo 164. Christian Colon