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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Alexis Diaz Note
Alexis Diaz photo 33. Alexis Diaz RP
Alexis Diaz finished second in the National League with 37 saves and had a 3.07 ERA and 1.19 WHIP. He also struck out 86 batters in 67 1/3 innings, and he held opponents to an xBA of .192. The knocks against Diaz are that he was in the sixth percentile in BB% at 12.6, and he pitches in Cincinnati, which always feels like playing with fire. The 27-year-old is a step away from being in the upper tier of closers, but he will provide plenty of saves if you can tolerate the walks.
18 weeks ago
Hunter Greene Note
Hunter Greene photo 49. Hunter Greene SP
Nick Lodolo Note
Nick Lodolo photo 87. Nick Lodolo SP
Andrew Abbott Note
Andrew Abbott photo 99. Andrew Abbott SP
Frankie Montas Note
Frankie Montas photo 139. Frankie Montas SP,RP
Graham Ashcraft Note
Graham Ashcraft photo 163. Graham Ashcraft SP
Nick Martinez Note
Nick Martinez photo 221. Nick Martinez SP,RP
Emilio Pagan Note
Emilio Pagan photo 285. Emilio Pagan RP
Lucas Sims Note
Lucas Sims photo 313. Lucas Sims RP
Connor Phillips Note
Connor Phillips photo 325. Connor Phillips SP
Brandon Williamson Note
Brandon Williamson photo 332. Brandon Williamson SP
Rhett Lowder Note
Rhett Lowder photo 382. Rhett Lowder SP
Fernando Cruz Note
Fernando Cruz photo 421. Fernando Cruz RP
Tejay Antone Note
Tejay Antone photo 435. Tejay Antone SP,RP
Sam Moll Note
Sam Moll photo 497. Sam Moll RP
Ian Gibaut Note
Ian Gibaut photo 537. Ian Gibaut RP
Brent Suter Note
Brent Suter photo 550. Brent Suter RP,SP
Buck Farmer Note
Buck Farmer photo 573. Buck Farmer RP
Tony Santillan Note
Tony Santillan photo 646. Tony Santillan RP
Brooks Kriske Note
Brooks Kriske photo 697. Brooks Kriske RP
Yosver Zulueta Note
Yosver Zulueta photo 775. Yosver Zulueta SP,RP
Alan Busenitz Note
Alan Busenitz photo 845. Alan Busenitz RP
Christian Roa Note
Christian Roa photo 853. Christian Roa SP
Justin Wilson Note
Justin Wilson photo 901. Justin Wilson RP
Lyon Richardson Note
Lyon Richardson photo 909. Lyon Richardson SP
Casey Legumina Note
Casey Legumina photo 952. Casey Legumina RP
Connor Overton Note
Connor Overton photo 957. Connor Overton SP
Carson Spiers Note
Carson Spiers photo 978. Carson Spiers RP,SP