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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

Willson Contreras Note
Willson Contreras photo 5. Willson Contreras
Contreras isn't quite the fantasy superstar that he looked like he might be when he broke in, but he's still an excellent option at a weak position. He's hit at least 21 homers in three of his last four full seasons and chips in roughly 120 combined runs and RBI. That doesn't sound like much, particularly with a batting average that seems likely to hover at around .240 at this stage in his career, but it's more than enough for a catcher. He should see some extra at-bats this year with the DH in the National League, and that should only help his value.
27 weeks ago
Yan Gomes Note
Yan Gomes photo 31. Yan Gomes
John Hicks Note
John Hicks photo 108. John Hicks
P.J. Higgins Note
P.J. Higgins photo 112. P.J. Higgins
Tyler Payne Note
Tyler Payne photo 114. Tyler Payne
Erick Castillo Note
Erick Castillo photo 125. Erick Castillo