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Fantasy Baseball Player Notes

2024 Fantasy Baseball Draft Notes

William Contreras Note
William Contreras photo 4. William Contreras
William Contreras arrived in 2023 and produced at a Top 10 catcher rate for the entire season. He provides a nice balance of power and average from the backstop position, hitting 17 home runs and slashing .289/.367/.457. Nothing stands out as something fantasy managers will have to "account for" when drafting him, ideally past the eighth round.
18 weeks ago
Gary Sanchez Note
Gary Sanchez photo 31. Gary Sanchez
Eric Haase Note
Eric Haase photo 58. Eric Haase
Jeferson Quero Note
Jeferson Quero photo 62. Jeferson Quero
Wes Clarke Note
Wes Clarke photo 69. Wes Clarke
Francisco Mejia Note
Francisco Mejia photo 74. Francisco Mejia
Lucas May Note
Lucas May photo 90. Lucas May