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Alex Colome for Aaron Bummer (2023)

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Who Should I Trade? Player Summaries
Experts' Pick
  Aaron Bummer
Aaron Bummer
Alex Colome
Alex Colome
Recommended by
3 of 3 experts
Recommended by
0 of 3 experts
Rest of Season# 227
VBR# 482# 798
Injury Alert-MiLB
Expert Ranks 
Mike Maher
# 206# 503
Brandon 'B_Don' Myers
# 138
Mick Ciallela
# 204
Who Should I Trade? Player Statistics
  Aaron Bummer
Aaron Bummer
Alex Colome
Alex Colome
2023 Stats 
Games Played244
Games Started00
Innings Pitched18.23.0
Blown Saves11
Hits Allowed212
Earned Runs162
Home Runs Allowed01
Who Should I Trade? Player Projections
  Aaron Bummer
Aaron Bummer
Alex Colome
Alex Colome
2023 Projections 
Games Played3919
Games Started00
Innings Pitched37.719.0
Blown Saves00
Hits Allowed3219
Earned Runs149
Home Runs Allowed22
Who Should I Trade? Player Notes
  Aaron Bummer
Aaron Bummer
Alex Colome
Alex Colome
  Alex Colome had his contract selected from Triple-A Charlotte Tuesday.
Jesse Garcia
Tue, May 2nd
  The Washington Nationals have signed relief pitcher Alex Colome to a minor-league deal.
Brenton Kemp
Mon, Feb 6th
There are no recent notes for these players
Who Should I Trade? Player Schedules
  Aaron Bummer
Aaron Bummer
Alex Colome
Alex Colome
Date OppOpp PitcherVBROppOpp PitcherVBR
Thu, Mar 30th@ HOUFramber Valdez (5-4)#8@ HOUFramber Valdez (5-4)#8
Fri, Mar 31st@ HOUCristian Javier (6-1)#13@ HOUCristian Javier (6-1)#13
Sat, Apr 1st@ HOUJose Urquidy (2-2)#67@ HOUJose Urquidy (2-2)#67
Sun, Apr 2nd@ HOULuis Garcia (2-2)@ HOULuis Garcia (2-2)
Mon, Apr 3rdvs SFAnthony DeSclafani (4-4)#83vs SFAnthony DeSclafani (4-4)#83
Wed, Apr 5thvs SFLogan Webb (4-5)#19vs SFLogan Webb (4-5)#19
Thu, Apr 6thvs SFAlex Wood (1-0)#96vs SFAlex Wood (1-0)#96
Fri, Apr 7th@ PITRich Hill (4-5)#141@ PITRich Hill (4-5)#141
Sat, Apr 8th@ PITVince Velasquez (4-4)#152@ PITVince Velasquez (4-4)#152
Sun, Apr 9th@ PITJohan Oviedo (3-4)#129@ PITJohan Oviedo (3-4)#129
Mon, Apr 10th@ MINKenta Maeda (0-4)#101@ MINKenta Maeda (0-4)#101
Tue, Apr 11th@ MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#29@ MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#29
Wed, Apr 12th@ MINSonny Gray (4-0)#32@ MINSonny Gray (4-0)#32
Fri, Apr 14thvs BALTyler Wells (3-2)#57vs BALTyler Wells (3-2)#57
Sat, Apr 15thvs BALKyle Gibson (7-3)#77vs BALKyle Gibson (7-3)#77
Sun, Apr 16thvs BALGrayson Rodriguez (2-2)#74vs BALGrayson Rodriguez (2-2)#74
Tue, Apr 18thvs PHIBailey Falter (0-7)#78vs PHIBailey Falter (0-7)#78
Wed, Apr 19thvs PHITaijuan Walker (4-2)#92vs PHITaijuan Walker (4-2)#92
Fri, Apr 21st@ TBCalvin Faucher (0-1)#246@ TBCalvin Faucher (0-1)#246
Sat, Apr 22nd@ TBShane McClanahan (8-1)#2@ TBShane McClanahan (8-1)#2
Sun, Apr 23rd@ TBZach Eflin (7-1)#42@ TBZach Eflin (7-1)#42
Mon, Apr 24th@ TORChris Bassitt (5-4)#33@ TORChris Bassitt (5-4)#33
Tue, Apr 25th@ TORJose Berrios (5-4)#40@ TORJose Berrios (5-4)#40
Wed, Apr 26th@ TORYusei Kikuchi (6-2)#93@ TORYusei Kikuchi (6-2)#93
Thu, Apr 27thvs TBShane McClanahan (8-1)#2vs TBShane McClanahan (8-1)#2
Fri, Apr 28thvs TBZach Eflin (7-1)#42vs TBZach Eflin (7-1)#42
Sat, Apr 29thvs TBCalvin Faucher (0-1)#246vs TBCalvin Faucher (0-1)#246
Sun, Apr 30thvs TBDrew Rasmussen (4-2)#39vs TBDrew Rasmussen (4-2)#39
Tue, May 2ndvs MINJoe Ryan (7-2)#15vs MINJoe Ryan (7-2)#15
Wed, May 3rdvs MINLouie Varland (2-1)#104vs MINLouie Varland (2-1)#104
Thu, May 4thvs MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#29vs MINPablo Lopez (3-3)#29
Fri, May 5th@ CINHunter Greene (1-4)#68@ CINHunter Greene (1-4)#68
Sat, May 6th@ CINNick Lodolo (2-1)#95@ CINNick Lodolo (2-1)#95
Sun, May 7th@ CINGraham Ashcraft (3-3)#163@ CINGraham Ashcraft (3-3)#163
Mon, May 8th@ KCZack Greinke (1-5)#117@ KCZack Greinke (1-5)#117
Tue, May 9th@ KCJordan Lyles (0-9)#233@ KCJordan Lyles (0-9)#233
Wed, May 10th@ KCBrad Keller (3-4)#280@ KCBrad Keller (3-4)#280
Thu, May 11th@ KCBrady Singer (3-4)#119@ KCBrady Singer (3-4)#119
Fri, May 12thvs HOUJ.P. France (1-1)#144vs HOUJ.P. France (1-1)#144
Sat, May 13thvs HOUBrandon Bielak (2-2)#155vs HOUBrandon Bielak (2-2)#155
Sun, May 14thvs HOUHunter Brown (5-1)#58vs HOUHunter Brown (5-1)#58
Tue, May 16thvs CLEShane Bieber (4-3)#11vs CLEShane Bieber (4-3)#11
Wed, May 17thvs CLEPeyton Battenfield (0-5)#118vs CLEPeyton Battenfield (0-5)#118
Thu, May 18thvs CLELogan Allen (2-2)#212vs CLELogan Allen (2-2)#212
Fri, May 19thvs KCZack Greinke (1-5)#117vs KCZack Greinke (1-5)#117
Sat, May 20thvs KCJordan Lyles (0-9)#233vs KCJordan Lyles (0-9)#233
Sun, May 21stvs KCCarlos Hernandez (0-2)#201vs KCCarlos Hernandez (0-2)#201
Mon, May 22nd@ CLEHunter Gaddis (1-1)#171@ CLEHunter Gaddis (1-1)#171
Tue, May 23rd@ CLELogan Allen (2-2)#212@ CLELogan Allen (2-2)#212
Wed, May 24th@ CLECal Quantrill (2-4)#133@ CLECal Quantrill (2-4)#133
Thu, May 25th@ DETAlex Faedo (1-3)#185@ DETAlex Faedo (1-3)#185
Fri, May 26th@ DETJoey Wentz (1-5)#271@ DETJoey Wentz (1-5)#271
Sat, May 27th@ DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#123@ DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#123
Sun, May 28th@ DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#34@ DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#34
Mon, May 29thvs LAAGriffin Canning (4-2)#125vs LAAGriffin Canning (4-2)#125
Tue, May 30thvs LAATyler Anderson (2-1)#100vs LAATyler Anderson (2-1)#100
Wed, May 31stvs LAAJaime Barriavs LAAJaime Barria
Fri, Jun 2ndvs DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#123vs DETMichael Lorenzen (2-2)#123
Sat, Jun 3rdvs DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#34vs DETEduardo Rodriguez (4-4)#34
Sun, Jun 4thvs DETMatthew Boyd (3-4)#105vs DETMatthew Boyd (3-4)#105
Tue, Jun 6th@ NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (5-2)#44@ NYYNestor Cortes Jr. (5-2)#44
Wed, Jun 7th@ NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#132@ NYYClarke Schmidt (2-5)#132
Thu, Jun 8th@ NYY@ NYY
Fri, Jun 9thvs MIAvs MIA
Sat, Jun 10thvs MIAvs MIA
Sun, Jun 11thvs MIAvs MIA
Tue, Jun 13th@ LAD@ LAD
Wed, Jun 14th@ LAD@ LAD
Thu, Jun 15th@ LAD@ LAD
Fri, Jun 16th@ SEA@ SEA
Sat, Jun 17th@ SEA@ SEA
Sun, Jun 18th@ SEA@ SEA
Mon, Jun 19thvs TEXvs TEX
Tue, Jun 20thvs TEXvs TEX
Wed, Jun 21stvs TEXvs TEX
Fri, Jun 23rdvs BOSvs BOS
Sat, Jun 24thvs BOSvs BOS
Sun, Jun 25thvs BOSvs BOS
Mon, Jun 26th@ LAA@ LAA
Tue, Jun 27th@ LAA@ LAA
Wed, Jun 28th@ LAA@ LAA
Thu, Jun 29th@ LAA@ LAA
Fri, Jun 30th@ OAK@ OAK
Sat, Jul 1st@ OAK@ OAK
Sun, Jul 2nd@ OAK@ OAK
Tue, Jul 4thvs TORvs TOR
Wed, Jul 5thvs TORvs TOR
Thu, Jul 6thvs TORvs TOR
Fri, Jul 7thvs STLvs STL
Sat, Jul 8thvs STLvs STL
Sun, Jul 9thvs STLvs STL
Fri, Jul 14th@ ATL@ ATL
Sat, Jul 15th@ ATL@ ATL
Sun, Jul 16th@ ATL@ ATL
Tue, Jul 18th@ NYM@ NYM
Wed, Jul 19th@ NYM@ NYM
Thu, Jul 20th@ NYM@ NYM
Fri, Jul 21st@ MIN@ MIN
Sat, Jul 22nd@ MIN@ MIN
Sun, Jul 23rd@ MIN@ MIN
Tue, Jul 25thvs CHCvs CHC
Wed, Jul 26thvs CHCvs CHC
Thu, Jul 27thvs CLEvs CLE
Fri, Jul 28thvs CLEvs CLE
Sat, Jul 29thvs CLEvs CLE
Sun, Jul 30thvs CLEvs CLE
Tue, Aug 1st@ TEX@ TEX
Wed, Aug 2nd@ TEX@ TEX
Thu, Aug 3rd@ TEX@ TEX
Fri, Aug 4th@ CLE@ CLE
Sat, Aug 5th@ CLE@ CLE
Sun, Aug 6th@ CLE@ CLE
Mon, Aug 7thvs NYYvs NYY
Tue, Aug 8thvs NYYvs NYY
Wed, Aug 9thvs NYYvs NYY
Fri, Aug 11thvs MILvs MIL
Sat, Aug 12thvs MILvs MIL
Sun, Aug 13thvs MILvs MIL
Tue, Aug 15th@ CHC@ CHC
Wed, Aug 16th@ CHC@ CHC
Fri, Aug 18th@ COL@ COL
Sat, Aug 19th@ COL@ COL
Sun, Aug 20th@ COL@ COL
Mon, Aug 21stvs SEAvs SEA
Tue, Aug 22ndvs SEAvs SEA
Wed, Aug 23rdvs SEAvs SEA
Thu, Aug 24thvs OAKvs OAK
Fri, Aug 25thvs OAKvs OAK
Sat, Aug 26thvs OAKvs OAK
Sun, Aug 27thvs OAKvs OAK
Mon, Aug 28th@ BAL@ BAL
Tue, Aug 29th@ BAL@ BAL
Wed, Aug 30th@ BAL@ BAL
Fri, Sep 1stvs DETvs DET
Sat, Sep 2ndvs DETvs DET
Sun, Sep 3rdvs DETvs DET
Mon, Sep 4th@ KC@ KC
Tue, Sep 5th@ KC@ KC
Wed, Sep 6th@ KC@ KC
Fri, Sep 8th@ DET@ DET
Sat, Sep 9th@ DET@ DET
Sun, Sep 10th@ DET@ DET
Mon, Sep 11thvs KCvs KC
Tue, Sep 12thvs KCvs KC
Wed, Sep 13thvs KCvs KC
Thu, Sep 14thvs MINvs MIN
Fri, Sep 15thvs MINvs MIN
Sat, Sep 16thvs MINvs MIN
Sun, Sep 17thvs MINvs MIN
Mon, Sep 18th@ WSH@ WSH
Tue, Sep 19th@ WSH@ WSH
Wed, Sep 20th@ WSH@ WSH
Fri, Sep 22nd@ BOS@ BOS
Sat, Sep 23rd@ BOS@ BOS
Sun, Sep 24th@ BOS@ BOS
Mon, Sep 25thvs ARIvs ARI
Tue, Sep 26thvs ARIvs ARI
Wed, Sep 27thvs ARIvs ARI
Fri, Sep 29thvs SDvs SD
Sat, Sep 30thvs SDvs SD
Sun, Oct 1stvs SDvs SD