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RotoBaller   Jul 18th, 9:05am ET
Well, another Summer League has come and gone. This one wasn't quite as exciting as past Summer Leagues because we saw some big name guys sitting out, including Zion Williamson, who left after a knee injury in his first game, while some players arrived late...
numberFire   Jul 12th, 4:26pm ET
The Rockets' odds have seen a massive shift after trading for Westbrook, but that's a mistake.
RotoBaller   Jul 11th, 1:45pm ET
NBA free agency was a pretty drawn out process this year, but things have slowed down enough that we can talk about where things stand now. There's been a lot of movement around the NBA, especially when it comes to the big name players. Kawhi Leonard. Paul...
numberFire   Jul 10th, 3:16pm ET
Despite making a big splash in free agency, missing Kevin Durant for a year leaves the Nets fighting an up-hill battle to overcome the players they lost this summer.
numberFire   Jul 8th, 1:42pm ET
After Toronto made the most of their one-year Kawhi Leonard rental, there's still plenty of room for optimism for Raptors fans next season despite Kawhi leaving.
Razzball   Jul 7th, 4:46pm ET
NBA Free Agency Paradise – Two Tickets to Staples? At 6:00pm on the last day of June, the NBA’s version of musical chairs started in theory. There were at least 20 top-level players targeted to change uniforms during the 2019 free agent signing...
RotoBaller   Jul 7th, 11:15am ET
Well, the Kawhi Leonard saga has finally ended, and it happened in the most unexpected way, as Leonard signed with the Clippers late on Friday night in a move that also resulted in the Oklahoma City Thunder sending Paul George to the Clippers for approximately...
numberFire   Jul 6th, 11:16am ET
Kawhi Leonard finally made his choice, and the Clippers also landed Paul George. The ripple effect will have an insane impact on the NBA.
numberFire   Jul 3rd, 9:19am ET
Not landing any of Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving could make this feel like a failure of an off-season for the Knicks, but there's still a lot to be optimistic about.
RotoBaller   Jun 28th, 12:00pm ET
It's funny that every year at the NBA Draft, once the end of the guaranteed money and live appearances arrives at the end of the first round, everybody tunes out and refers to the 60th pick as "Mr.Irrelevant". That's not very accurate though, is it? If we're...
RotoBaller   Jun 24th, 11:30am ET
Now that we know who was drafted where, it's time to start analyzing what those picks mean. That analysis can come in the form of some of the positive looks at players and situations that we'll be publishing here at RotoBaller, but it's also useful sometimes...
RotoBaller   Jun 21st, 11:30am ET
The NBA Draft has come and gone. Fortunately, we now get to incessantly talk about it all weekend until the eventual free agent rumors reemerge and take over the news cycle. There were not too many shocking selections in the first round, and while plenty of...
numberFire   Jun 20th, 12:06pm ET
What action can we get on Thursday night for the NBA Draft?