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Razzball   Sep 17th, 3:12am ET
After watching a lot of unnecessary tape of prospects for the draft, patiently waiting for all the free agency and trade dominoes to fall, reflecting upon the performance review of last year’s projections and meditating exactly 14.5 minutes per day while...
Razzball   Sep 13th, 3:12am ET
I did welcome everyone back when I introduced all the writers this season but when I drop my Top 10 is when I feel things get real. Plus, I will use any excuse to post this song. Always gets me so amped. Before I get into each player of the Top 10, I wanted...
Razzball   Sep 2nd, 3:12am ET
Another NBA season is beginning and as usual, for the fifth year in a row, I am here at Razzball to talk fantasy with you fine folks. As is the custom, the first article of the year is always a review of last year’s projections. This process started...