Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears
Note from FantasyPros Staff
Thu, Jun 30th 2:39pm EDT
Cutler scored less points per game last season than Blaine Gabbert and Josh McCown. In fact, at 15.1 points per game, Cutler scores less points per game than the top projected free agent quarterback each week. That is the very definition of value below replacement. He is not worth a roster spot .
WalterFootball | Aug 26th
With Alshon Jeffery back for another season and if Kevin White can get healthy, this passing attack could be stacked. Much depends on White though, and he has yet to play a down in the NFL after being injured all last season. He does have tremendous ability though and could boost Cutler closer toward the Top-10 if he lives up to his potential
The NY Times | Aug 9th
Cutler's weapons will be much improved this year provided Alshon and White can stay healthy.
Fantasy Sports LR | Jul 30th
This Bears' offense still has weapons but the loss of Bennett; Forte and Gase... zaps any upside after a season that suggested upside...
Coach Esser | Jul 18th
A disgruntled Alshon Jeffrey and rookie all over again Kevin White don't make me love the situation.
Breaking Football | Jul 5th
He's always had the talent but he lost 3 massive weapons in the last two years and is pretty erratic usually.