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Brevin Jordan

Brevin Jordan


College: Miami

Week 17 Outlook

No Game
Week Rank (ECR) N/A
Projection 0 pts



He's that "move" tight end who lines up in the slot and at fullback. He's more of a chip blocker or someone to help with a double-team rather than a one-on-one blocker, though he gives effort. Runs very good routes, has good stop/go ability. He's a highly athletic player who's going to be a good receiver. The question is: Will he be a three-down player for someone, or will they want him on the field for mostly passing situations?

Jordan's going to be a valuable chess piece for a NFL offense. He can line up all over the formation and be used in a variety of ways. He has the athleticism to be pulled across the formation or he can be given the ball behind the LOS on screens and asked to create after the catch. He sinks in and out of his routes well and he should only continue to develop and refine this aspect of his game at the next level. Tremendous movability for a player of his size. He was asked to move all over the formation at Miami and he succeeded in this role. Able to get up and out of his stance attached to the LOS well too. Solid receiving ability when he's in the open field. He needs to improve in pure contested situations and 50/50 balls, but he is able to hang onto the ball well through contact. Excellent RAC ability and being able to create on his own for a player of his size. Miami wouldn't give him the ball on screens, etc. if they didn't think that he could make positive yardage out of it and he did that routinely. He'll be a solid option to pull across the formation and give the ball to on boots, rollouts, etc. Solid blocker. Won't drive any players backwards, but certainly has enough strength and technique to stand in and hold his own. He'll be able to stay on the field for all three downs. Good speed and agility for a player of his size. Won't breakaway from defenders that are in pursuit for big plays, but certainly has more than enough speed to be one of the faster and more agile TEs in the league from day one.