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Davis Mills

Davis Mills


College: Stanford

2021 Outlook

Draft Rank (ECR) #395
Best / Worst #274 / #355

Roster %


Once the Texans selected Mills in the third round, it practically sealed Deshaun Watson's departure. That doesn't automatically mean Mills is the future of the Texans, but it does likely mean he gets a shot to earn the job. He doesn't have a great surrounding cast, and it's a team who's likely to be atop the draft next year, meaning Mills may not have a chance at the starting gig beyond 2021 when they draft a quarterback in the top-three picks.

Mills is a developmental QB prospect that lacks the top-tier athleticism NFL teams will covet, but there's enough there for a NFL team to take a look at him. He's accurate in the short passing game when he's able to take his 3-step or 5-step drop and get the ball out quickly. However, if that's not there, his accuracy wavers due to his mechanics. He's consistently sailing balls over the heads of receivers or throwing behind them even in the short passing game. Very few examples of questionable throws just simply due to the offense Stanford runs with Davis at QB. It's predicated upon quick timing throws and allowing the QB to not think much. However, does show signs from time to time of putting the ball in harm's way. Due to the structure of the offense, Davis is typically looking at his first read and firing it in there. He's not looking to see if the window is even open, but simply just letting it go. Will get him into trouble in the NFL. Wasn't asked to process much at Stanford. Has a throw against Cal that he sees the Cover 1 safety cheat over, but failed to recognize that he came back over and he still let the ball go. Needs to improve his ability to quickly go through progressions while still maintaining his solid foundation and mechanics. Solid arm. Will be able to drive the ball from sideline to sideline. Lacks the strength on his touch throws and they tend to be underthrown. Needs to work on these throws deep downfield, but has the pure arm strength to make it work in the NFL. Tends to feel ghosts in the pocket if he's held onto it past his first or second read and then gets to the checkdown. Mechanics go haywire when this happens too. Could crumble under NFL pressure.Consistently displays poor mechanics. His feet are leaving the ground, he's often throwing from 9 and 3 rather than 12 and 6, and his hips aren't tied to his arm with the release point. Needs to be cleaned up significantly before he can see the NFL field. Very few examples of improvisation ability due to the structure of Stanford's offense, but did show a decent ability to throw on the run when the pocket broke down. Struggles in the face of pressure and tends to get rattled pretty easily.Can move better than expected for a player of his size. Won't be used as a runner at all in the NFL, but does have enough movability to escape pressure momentarily. Overall, Mills is a significant project at the QB position. He'll need to improve his mechanics and pocket presence significantly before he touches the NFL field. A Day 3 pick.

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