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Seth Williams

Seth Williams


College: Auburn

2021 Outlook

Draft Rank (ECR) #394
Best / Worst #214 / #365

Roster %


Williams is a long and lean receiver that has the frame to win on the outside. He was used in a wide variety of ways at Auburn with everything from WR screens to Deep Posts. He has good snap in his hips and is able to quickly work his way back to the QB. Doesn't have many examples of in or out breaking routes to display his fluidity there, but it does show up in other areas. Decent athleticism for his size and is able to pick up steam when he has space to work. Struggles on WR screens to move laterally and shift his momentum. Shouldn't be used much in this capacity in the NFL. Inconsistent receiving on tape. Has the ability to make some truly jaw-dropping grabs and plays, but then can struggle in the intermediate levels of the field. Has some bad drops on his tape and can tend to shrink back when he knows he's going to get hit. The ability is there, it's just about refining it and making sure it shows up on a snap-to-snap basis. As mentioned above, has the ability to make some truly incredible catches by going up and over defenders or tracking the ball on back shoulder throws. However, can struggle when he's asked to operate in tight windows and when he knows he's going to engage with a defender. However, plays with a wide catch radius and the potential is there. It's just about consistency. Will not be effective in the NFL if asked to create in small spaces. Lacks the lateral agility for that. However, does have long strides and can pick up steam when he's able to get out in the open field. Evidenced by TD catch against Ole Miss.Very solid release at the LOS and has a good understanding of how to get defenders to flip their hips and then exploit it. Very good on quick slants. Has enough upper body strength to fight off contact as well. Excellent ability to track the ball while it's in the air. Able to make some highlight reel grabs deep downfield by putting his big frame in the best position to make a play.Good speed when he's in open space. Able to use his long strides to gain momentum and should be able to win deep downfield with this skillset. Overall, the only thing standing in Williams' way of projecting nicely to the next level is his lack of effort on running plays and consistency snap-to-snap. For teams that are looking for a big-framed WR that can win on the outside, but can afford to be a bit patient with him, Williams is a solid Day 3 bet.

- Lined up all over the field for Auburn
- Hands won't be a problem
- Ideal size, doesn't get knocked around on routes or by lazy tackling
- Dominated WR group as a Sophomore. Only player over 3 TDs(8), 30% of teams receiving yards
- When he IS getting separation, it's not for long(sad), but he creates it off the top of his routes(not sad)
- Average athleticism
- Let CBs get under his skin against Alabama in 2019, caused penalty(pro: passionate? Haha you don't want that passion to cause negative plays though)
- Almost all of his pro WR traits were on display as Cons against LSU in 2019. Not exactly what you want to see against better competition. (drops, out jumped/muscled, false start). He did start playing better after the false start penalty with 4 minutes to go
- Not a good looking game against Arkansas 2020(might've had rib injury?). Blown up/uninterested/out of position for run blocking, drops over the middle of the field(It was a tough catch, but one you have to make), drops on contested endzone passes that he got 2 hands on. Dropped 3 out of 3 contested catches. As a bigger slower guy that doesn't create a ton of separation you hope this was injury related and an outlier game

6-3 , 211 pounds , 21 years old
2019: 59 rec/ 830 yds/ 8 TDs
2020: 47 rec/ 760 yds/ 4 TDs
Player profiler stats:
DOM: 38.8% (78th percentile)
BOA: 19.4 (81st percentile)
TGT Share: 29.3% (82nd percentile)

Who Should I Draft?
recommended by 81% of experts
Cam Sims WR-WAS
recommended by 56% of experts
recommended by 63% of experts
recommended by 69% of experts
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