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Fantasy Football Player Notes

Week 3 Half PPR Rankings
Darius Slayton Note
Darius Slayton photo 30. Darius Slayton (vs . SF)
Slayton came crashing back down to earth last week, but he does have some upside in this matchup. With some key pieces missing from this offense now, Slayton's going to be needed more than ever and this 49ers secondary isn't as daunting as it's been in previous seasons. He can be rolled out as a WR3 again this week.
5 days ago
Golden Tate Note
Golden Tate photo 49. Golden Tate (vs . SF)
Tate came back into the lineup in week two and was a fine option in Full PPR leagues, but he's nowhere near the type of player that he was previously. Maybe it was the injury, but Tate had little to no run after the catch ability and he was simply out there as a "chain mover". Tate could be rolled out as a FLEX option in Full PPR formats this week, but otherwise he can't be trusted in your lineup.
3 days ago
Damion Ratley Note
Damion Ratley photo 112. Damion Ratley (vs . SF)
C.J. Board Note
C.J. Board photo 120. C.J. Board (vs . SF)
Johnny Holton Note
Johnny Holton photo 155. Johnny Holton (vs . SF)